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 Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 5

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PostSubject: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 5   Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:29 pm

Dear Diary,
I was able to talk to Joyce today. I told her how sorry I was, and she said it was all right, but I could tell she didn't want to talk about it. There was an unconfotable silence following that. So, I tryed to talk about something a bit more cheery. "My birthday is coming up soon, and, my parents said I could have a sleepover. Do you want to come?" She seemed happy about the idea, though I had been worried that my mention of parents might cause something to happen. "I would love to come! I'll just have to ask dad. What do you want for a birthday?" I let out a silent sigh. She couldn't be too mad at me if she was willing to come over to my house. "Oh, it doesn't really matter. However, there is this new book, Radience, that I wanted. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, do you think you could get it?" When I looked at her, I could tell she would do anything to try and get the book for me. She really is my best friend. At least, that's what I think. I asked mom if she could come, and, of course, mom said yes. I figuered I would ask and let her know that Simon Cowell was her dad, so she could be prepared. I don't want her screaming her head of or something when he drops her off. If he drops her off. She might have her own car and driver. I know he's rich, so why wouldn't she? But, you can never be too careful around parents. They are unpredictable things that can get out of hand very quickly. Of course, that's probably how they feel about kids and teenagers. Right now, the idea of my birthday coming is just starting to sink in, and I'm realizing how absoluly amazing it's going to be! Not to mention, my very first sleepover ever, and with a great new friend! I'm so excited! However, I cannot scream beacuse my parents are already in bed. I'm supposed to be, but there is a difference in 'supposed to be', and 'is'. He he. I'm going to have to get some sleep tonight.
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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 5
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