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 Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 3

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PostSubject: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 3   Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:40 pm

Dear Diary,
Today was bring your kid to work day. The parents had to volunteer to have kid(s) come to their work, and dad didn't volunteer, so I didn't go to work with him. I asked to be paired with Joyce, and they actually put us together! So I met her dad, who was probably the last person I excpected to be in any way related too. I went to the studio where they were filming American Idol and met Simon Cowell! That's her dad, Simon Cowell! I am still in shock. He was actually really polite. What I found as odd was that she didn't seem to love him, like someone would expect someone to love their dad. Dad and I hug, and give each other kisses on the cheek, but all she did was give him a one arm hug. I figured, after warring within myself, that it would be rude to point it out. The other judges (Paula Abdul and randy Jackson) were really nice and friendly. We got to sit with them and actually got to say our opinion of a few people's auditionjs, or whatever you call it. It was thrilling, though Fox isn't going to air our part of the judgeing. When we went back to the school, Joyce asked me not to say anything about meeting her dad. Everybody else was talking about meeting people like Jodelle Ferland. Nobody asked Joyce or I who we met, which was a good thing, or else the story might have slipped out. The mean girls( I call them Mean Bees) were all buzzing about how they saw Katy Perry and Tiao Cruz when tey were in one of the girls dads limos. One girl actually came over to me and said "Who did you meet, Victoria, the Telletubies?" then she laughed, and all the other Bees laughed, and it made me feel so mad that i couldn't tell them about how much more awesome my day was than theirs! I have setablished the girl who came up to me (Her name is Jessica) as the Queen Bee, as I call her. I've saved the meanest thing she said to me for last. " With your looks, I would be so shocked if you even met anyone. No one one this entire planet would even want to look within a two mile radius of you. Your face is actually going to burn a hole in my eyes, you're SO UGLY." Then she just walked back to the other Mean Bees and snickered. I just held in my tears until i got to the bus. How am I supposed to live within a five mile radius of THEM?! Now I'm starting to cry, great. Could this day get any worse?
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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, part 3
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