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 Anarchy in the Land of the Fae

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PostSubject: Anarchy in the Land of the Fae   Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:47 pm

This is just a little allegory I made for class...I'd like to write a sequel for fun, so I just supposed I put in on here...
Boredom is a dangerous thing.
Based mainly on the December uprising in Belarus...O'course, it's happened everywhere else too. A little of everything, then!

Anarchy in the Land of the Fae

No one really knew exactly how a cat had come to rule one of the lower divisions of the Winter Court. Some said he’d come to power through magic; others theorized his reign had been enabled in a fair election. Nevertheless, his rule had spanned more than fifteen years, and the fae were thirsting for both freedom and a new leader.

Unfortunately, they failed to agree on just who they wanted to replace Lukas Alexei as King. As the numbers engraved into the ice steadily rose, the fae grew more and more restless. Something about this election wasn’t quite right.

For one, they could no longer access the results from their homes, and instead had to crowd in the streets, craning their necks to stare up at the colossal wall. However, as it was a cold, muggy day, fog had fallen over the city, hiding the results from view. Rumors began to circulate regarding just what was happening up there.

"This could be more of his magic, controlling the weather so we don’t know what’s going on," Halina, an ice fae, theorized, a scowl plastered onto her translucent face. Beside her stood Antoni, a snow fae who couldn’t seem to wipe the cheery smile off of his face. Ever.

"I’m sure it will all turn out just fine~! Even if he does get reelected, he’s just a kitty," Antoni replied, still smiling like a fool.

Halina shot an icy glare his way, less-than-pleased with his optimistic attitude. "Since when have ‘kitties’ ruled the fae? Something isn’t right," she stubbornly insisted. Antoni kept grinning, paying very little attention to her argument.

"Whatever you say, Hali~!"

"You weren’t listening to a single word I said!"

"Oh, seriously?"

Meanwhile, other fae were beginning to agree with Halina. The few numbers they could see weren’t adding up. Why would so many fae vote for a feline instead of a member of their same species? It simply wasn’t possible for him to gain such a vast majority.

By the time the voting booths had closed, the waiting crowd was in an uproar.



For a cat.

"This is outrageous! There is absolutely no way we voted like that!" Halina shouted, several ice fae joining her protests. The rally wasn’t exactly organized, so they didn’t have matching T-shirts and fancy signs to wave around, but their angry shouts and flying spears of ice did just fine on their own.
Eventually, their varying cries coalesced into a chorus of, "Break down the wall! Break down the wall! Break down the wall!"

The ice fae were more than willing to follow through with this, forming a large, violent crowd in front of the frozen wall that displayed the results of the election. The snow fae, along with most of the other fae who were present, weren’t about to allow them to destroy the wall, though. Even though most of the snow fae were hopelessly oblivious, they realized violence wasn’t the way to go, and managed to subdue the ice fae.

That didn't mean they were done protesting; not by a long shot. They could shout as much as they wanted so long as they didn't destroy anything...Or anyone. After all, the fae were known for their violent tendencies towards both humans and each other, and the Winter fae were considered to be the worst of the worst.

Of course, whether or not they actually lived up to that reputation was another matter entirely.
Lukas Alexei sighed in vexation, staring down at his unruly subjects. What right do they have to complain about my continued reign? They should be rejoicing! He thought to himself, his fur standing on end due to his extreme agitation.

After a few more minutes of watching his people create a ruckus, he called on his personal guard, the BSKSG (Battalion of Super Kool Smart Guys), to subdue them.

Hmph. Worthless brats. Whatever happens, they've got it coming, he decided, his feline countenance finally settling into a smirk.

Much better.

The once-fierce crowd had become a swarming mass of frightened civilians after the crack-down of the BSKSG began. Because fae were dangerously susceptible to iron, the best way to attack them was with, well, iron. Every court had a militant unit made up of Iron Fey for this particular reason, and the Winter Court was no exception.

Bodies littered the frozen ground; some had collapsed from iron poisoning, others from exhaustion, and still others from being trampled in the midst of all the chaos. In particular, the formerly carefree Antoni was attempting to drag Halina to safety. She'd tried to run one of the BSKSG men through with an axe of ice, and it hadn't turned out well for either of them. The BSKSG man was a block of ice, and Halina was out cold...No pun intended. Actually, she was quite warm, as the iron-poisoning had induced a high fever.

Antoni was too focused on how heavy she was to really care about the frozen BSKSG man or the bodies he was stepping on. Really, for someone so frail and angular looking, she weighed a ton! Was it muscle mass? Heavy fae bone-structure, perhaps?

Whatever it was, it didn't make dragging her around any easier, and there were still plenty of BSKSG men loitering about, rounding up random passerbys. As far as he knew, there hadn't been any casualties, but he didn't want either of them to be locked up and tortured (Hey, Antoni might look stupid, but he was actually really smart! ...About some things!).

"Hey! You there!" One of the buff, burly men shouted, pointing in his direction. Antoni stiffened, hoping the man would mistake him for a statue and move on. Sadly, his ploy failed. "Yeah, you! What d'ya think you're doing, hanging around here? Tryin' to start something?!"

"Um...No?" Antoni tried, hoping the giant Iron fey wouldn't pound him into dust.
Unfortunately, this only further enraged the man, and he proceeded to pick Antoni up by the fabric of his snowy white toga. "Don't lie to me, boy!

"I'm not...lying?" The statement came out as more of a question; at this point, even Antoni wasn't exactly sure what was going on. He had, however, realized that he'd dropped Halina onto the ground rather unceremoniously...And she was beginning to stir.

"That's it! I'm taking you in!" the scary man decided, hoisting Antoni over his shoulder as if the snow fae didn't weigh a thing.

Poor, poor, scary Iron fey BSKSG man. Halina chose that moment to spring into awareness, launching herself at the first being that entered her sight. She had a tendency to do that whenever she woke up; Antoni assumed it was some sort of self-preservation instict.

He shook his head sadly, almost pitying the poor man. "Hali, you're kind of mean sometimes."
"He had it coming," she snapped, "and besides, I just saved your life, so you shouldn't be complaining."

He scratched his head of curly cerulean hair, deciding she had a point...even if he didn't entirely understand what she was getting at. "Sure, Hali. But, what are we going to do n--"

Antoni found himself unable to continue speaking (mostly out of shock) as Halina was snatched up by one of the BSKSG and restrained with iron cuffs.

"I've got the leader!" the man shouted triumphantly, jerking on Halina's arm like she was some kind of prize. Suddenly, Antoni realized why he was both unable to speak and unable to move; Halina had encased him in a thin layer of ice, restricting any movement he might wish to take.

Her pale white tongue stuck out at him tauntingly while he stood, immobile.


"Ahaha! Just try and take me down, imbeciles! This ain't over, not by a long shot! How long do you really think a cat is gonna live the good life while we struggle to keep this district going?"

"Break down the wall! Break down the wall! Break down the wall!"

The struggle was rough. Most of the Winter fey had been under strict control for so long, they didn't
know anything else. But this cry for freedom would soon spread across their district, inciting rebellion of every kind...

Who knows how it will all end?

~Excellent job, Cave-san...but your inflections for 'Toni weren't quite right. Think more "air-headed, oblivious idiot", and try to channel that~
~Title, "Anarchy in the Land of the Fae" is based on the song title, "Anarchy in the U.K." by the Sex Pistols...Waaah?! No, I'm not a fan...! XD Of course not...~
~The BSKSG is a combination of the Russian "KGB" (Stalin's personal guard/militant unit thingy) and the German SS (Hitler's personal guard...militant unit thingy! They were Nazis! The KGB were Commies! That's all you need to know!...XD But NOT REALLY.)~

Life is like thunder; powerful, confusing, wonderous, loud, inexplainable, sudden, beautiful in ways you can't even begin to describe, and completely unexpected. Death is like lightning; it strikes even the most powerful things, and shoots through the ground to everyone nearby, leaving them with only a painful aftershock.

Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
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Anarchy in the Land of the Fae
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