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 THE black dragon

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Would you like to see this topic as a storybook?
So much I could just die!!!
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Eh. I'd tune in every once in awhile
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Not THAT appealing
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Just drop this and find a new topic
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Well........ I liked your poem?
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PostSubject: THE black dragon   Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:52 am

]I whip my tail
my chosen weapon
my tool of death
[b]destruction chaos[/b]

To the demon I fight
She's the one
I take my deep breath
It's her! She's here!

I dive to battle
Her light! She burns!
I burn with my fire
Death! She has come!


I stand on a pile
my skull-y reward
for the battle I've won
for the demons I have banished
to my debt repaid

To my battle won
my scales glisten
I am THE black dragon
........Fear Me

Okay so this might be a little hard to understand. Th Italicized before the squiggly line represents the demons she's(the dragon) fighting. The regular words are her narration. after the squiggles. It is the dragon after she has slayed the demons and is reminiscing (in a bad way) and relishing her victory. She was in debt to another (more powerful) dragon. It has been repaid
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PostSubject: Re: THE black dragon   Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:45 pm

Wow. A storybook about dragons? Hm, maybe. You can really imagine this battle, but we don't know if the dragon is gold or black or white. Sometimes its good to leave things up to the imagination, so being less descriptive is fine. Good job.
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THE black dragon
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