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 Together We Can Find A Cure For Cancer

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PostSubject: Together We Can Find A Cure For Cancer   Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:29 pm

We are one world. We are one earth. We are one human form. Yet people can not see that themselves. We war with each other, discriminate, and judge. We are human. If you were to go to space, you could see the earth as it truly is- united. There are no boundary lines for states, provinces, or countries. That is the way the earth truly is. It is how we win. Win against diseases like cancer. cancer affects thw whole world. The scientists and doctors in China want to find a cure just as much as those in Australia, or the United States. Every country, every day, see patients with this disease. There are clubs and organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life , who are dedicated to finding a cure. However, they cannot do it alone. If the world was to unite as one, we can, and one day will, find a cure for this disease. We are one, on every level, and we need to act like it. There are so many who need help with this disease, and we cannot do it as a broken world. We must do it united. Together, we can find a cure for cancer.
-Rachelle41 I love you
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Together We Can Find A Cure For Cancer
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