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 Death wish

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PostSubject: Death wish   Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:36 am

Here I walk
In desolate wonder,
Please hear my talk
as I'm falling under
the tide.
Please just miss me tonight.

Remember those good times,
the place where we
went to dance in the sunset,
remember my face and my smile.
Please just hold me awhile.

Please think of me
as pretty as all the poplars
and trees or midsummer breeze.
Please just savor my eyes.

Kiss my face like you used to
an tuck right me in,
to my pillow of death
awaiting the coffins,
Please just miss me sometime.

Cause' this is my final
wish on that darn shooting star
I just noticed that star just stays where you are
I hope I fly far

I know it was sad but It just popped on me! Its actually on the tune of a christian song but this is what I though of. Jesus has her now.
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Death wish
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