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 Love21, What She Stands For

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Want me to do a poem like this about you?
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Honorable Writer

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PostSubject: Love21, What She Stands For   Tue May 25, 2010 10:11 pm

Laughable and lovable
Outragous fashion statements
Various types of fun
Epic friend
2nd to no one
1st at anything

Quote that fits her personality: I'm gonna be famous, I'm gonna be a star.

Way to finish school! Hope you have an awesome time at your new one next year!
P.S. If ANYONE wants me to do one about you, I'd be more than happy! This is dedicated to love21, my bestie who I introduced to Wonderlands just about an hour ago. Hope you enjoy her as much as I have! Wink
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Love21, What She Stands For
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