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 Cheez_burger, What She Stands For

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Honorable Writer

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PostSubject: Cheez_burger, What She Stands For   Wed May 26, 2010 6:00 pm

Crazy and super amazing ideas
Hollywood glamour
Enthusaism for friends
Easy to get along with
Z all the way back to A, she still doesn't miss a thing

Bright personality
Unlimited number of friends
Reasonable answers to unknown questions
Gorgeous on the inside and out
Enough to bring this site together
Risky challenges.... or are they? Smile

I'm so glad Cheez let me join! Thanks again, Cheez. I hope you like it! The E ones were a bit tough, though. I try not to make every poem the same. Love ya!
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Cheez_burger, What She Stands For
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