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 My Teacher + My Volin = Funny Fail!

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PostSubject: My Teacher + My Volin = Funny Fail!   Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:55 pm

Okay. Today, during homeroom at the end of the day, I got out my volin. I do this every Tuesday cause I stay late and I also let other kids (some who have never even held a violin before) play it. But today, as I told my teacher two weeks ago, I tried to teach her to play. You can't fairly say it's a fail, since she's never played one in her life (or at least not for very long!). I handed her the instrument, put most of her fingers in the right place and fixed the bow. Then she started putting her fingers down all flat and in bad position. But she couldn't really put them down staight because she has long nails and thus, cannot put her fingers on the strings. Only her nails. Also, I forgot to move her thumb to the proper side, so it was on the wrong side the whole time. But I put it in the correct looking posistion. Overall, it was pretty funny. She should stay a social studies teacher. Razz
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My Teacher + My Volin = Funny Fail!
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