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 I Don't Have the Heart To

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PostSubject: I Don't Have the Heart To   Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:41 pm

I did a million things
I played a hundred games
Twister and Clue
Who knew
I was all thorns, no rose
Pricking your blood, opening wounds
Even though you thought I loved you
I guess all I wanted, true
Was a kiss and a claim to you
I was the fool
You were the king
But I blinded you with words and things
Then I dropped you like a rock
Tore through your heart without a shock
I was a tease, a cruel memory
That you re-opened one day
Which only brought you pain
You were the fool
I was the queen
I am a nightmare, not a dream
Go run and hide
For the rest of your life
I am the dark side of the moon
You are the sun, warm and true
Please don't come back
For another attack
You'll only die with your heart cracked in two
There's nothing more dumb you could do
So stay away
For forever and a day
All I do is scar your heart
I ripped it all apart
Twice in one year
You should've steered clear
But please don't leave me
I need you to save me
No one else will
Please come back dear
But if you don't thats okay
I deserve this all anyways
Find a new girl
Who will give you the world
And keep you from me
Thats so smart you see
This song will never end
Writing's my only friend
I am alone
Except for God on His throne
End this for yourself
Because I don't have the heart to

Taylor Swift's got nothing on me. cyclops
And yes, this is about my break up with Orlando (for those of you who didn't know we were a thing, then not a thing, then a thing again) because I was the one who broke up with him both times. I felt awful. And I don't see people writing stuff about the themselves being the bad ones, so there you go world. You're welcome. And yes, I put God in here because He deserves recognition in everything.
Enjoy? elephant
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I Don't Have the Heart To
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