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 The Only One That Wonders

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PostSubject: The Only One That Wonders   Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:54 pm

The princess stands on her tall balcony,
looking down from a height so high she's watching clouds.
'My child, the feast has begun.' Says her father,
clothed in purple
with a crown on his head.
'I remember what's down there.' She replys softly
delicately waving her hand at the endless white.
'So do your siblings.'
'But do they stand on their balconies
wondering whats happening now?'
'You're all different. I made you that way.
You wonder.'
He places a strong
nail-pierced hand on her shoulder. 'But there is no pain here
and its best that you don't know what the world is doing.'
'But what about the people I left behind?
Are you building them castles too?'
'The first story in my book tells the fate of those who tried to know all.
Do you remember it?'
'Of course.'
"Its lessons stretch even to the Heavens.
Be at peace
knowing that they will hear of my book
in their lifetimes.'
'But I love them Father.
I want to be assured that they too will be clothed as I am.'
'The knowledge of all is for only three persons my child
and you cannot know it.
Come to the feast,
I have prepared much and all of your siblings are waiting.'
And he takes her small hand,
leading her to the banquet hall.
All her siblings remember too,
even the oldest.
But she does not ask if they also wonder. Her Father made them all diferent.
Therefore she is
the only one that wonders.

I know it kinda seems like a short story, but there's a section in this one big book of poetry for story-like poems, so I think it counts. But if everyone is mad cause I posted this here, I'll make it a short story.
Plus, guess who the father is in this. Wink
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The Only One That Wonders
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