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 What Heavy Metal Bands Do You Perfer??

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PostSubject: What Heavy Metal Bands Do You Perfer??   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:10 pm

heyy! love heavy metal and screamo! its my life! i just want to be able to see what you think of it... what you like about it and what bands do you like the most??

My veiw: I looove heavy metal , its energenic and it let out the feelings i keep bottled up in side, it has different sides to it... it depends on what you get from it... not all of these songs/bands are emo or demonist!!! some are christian!!
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PostSubject: Re: What Heavy Metal Bands Do You Perfer??   Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:18 am

I had my screamo/heavy metal phase also, though now I'm more into indie (which comes with the benefit of being nearly as weird as I am). I guess I still sort of like it, I mean, it's really great venting music, and the songs I listened to way back when haven't gotten less good. You're right, it's not anymore satanic than today's sexualized pop songs. I guess if I listen to any sort of metal, it's more classic rock, like the stylings of ACDC, Kansas, and Styx (although listening to ACDC, I think they could actually count as screamo).


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What Heavy Metal Bands Do You Perfer??
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