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 Chapter one False Charges

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PostSubject: Chapter one False Charges   Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:55 pm

The sunlight from above was obscured. Almost blotted out by clouds that passed overhead, now was my chance for a big opening. Swiftly, I stepped up on the rickety wooden stage, the heels of my boots clicking against the wood. Below I could hear the uneasy rustle of clothes as people waited, watching me. Waiting for my show to start. I flashed a small grin, nothing any of them could see. That is until the sparks of red flames were born in my palm. The fire bit at my skin, the crowds’ anxiousness growing as the light only just let them see me. Still, the warm oranges and reds reached up to the sky, growing with an uncontrollable rate. Or at least that’s what I wanted them to think as the flames ran up my arm. I heard the gasp and glanced down off the left to my brother, who nodded back and watched the sky, as a seemingly endless shadow covered the sun. Murmurs were rising from my audience, the fire become more and more restless as it slid around my body like a snake. Then, that’s just what it was. And the fiery beast raised its head up next to mind and stretched out to the crowd. Sometimes, I wondered if they too could see the blues light. It was a bright, soft light that wound its way along the fire, and across the shadows. But then again, I only wondered sometimes, because of course they could see it, why wouldn’t they be able to? The snake hissed, fire spilling from his open jaws, and the crowd jumped back.

“Shh.” I raised a finger to my lips, glancing out at them. Instantly they were still and I smiled, bowing to them. The snake though, faced me now and launched forward to strike. The audience gasped, and to dust the fire fell around me before any harm could be done. Shouts and cheers erupted around me, and I bowed again to them. Then I straightened up, placing a hand in the air to silence them. When all was still, the flames in my palm started up again. Slowly, I raised my hands to my lips, smiling as the crowd was set on edge as I paused. Then I blew on the fire, sending it up into the air above the spectators. Screams came from a few, but most just stared up in wonder as I did it again. And the red glow stayed there, hanging in the air in the shape of my eclipse cross. I quickly looked to my brother again, who nodded and the clouds in the sky faded, allowing the sun to come through again, and my creation vanish into ash.

Once again they cheered for me, and once again I bowed to them before leaving the stage. Ash and soot stained my hot skin, giving me a darker appearance then what I truly was.

“Good show today Demytrii,” I looked over at the voice, smiling at my brother.

“Thank you Eythan, now please, collect the money for today.” I replied, grabbing a towel and whipping the sweat and soot from my face and body.

“Of course.” he nodded. His dark hair falling in his eyes as he walked off the people who were still standing around the stage

Sighing, I ran a hand through my black wavy hair, pushing it back as I looked around our bags for my shirt. Behind me I could hear the voices of a few who were whispering to each other behind my back.

“Such a strong body...” one said

“Such a nice body...” the other replied with a giggle.

I rolled my eyes as I found the vanilla colored fabric and pulled it over my head, tucking it into my pants. A smile grew on my lips when I heard the girls pout and their heels click away.

“How much did we make?” I asked, turning around, knowing Eythan was behind me. I searched his face for an answer before he spoke but saw nothing in his expression.

“Enough.” he replied grabbing his bag. “Want me to head home and fix up something to eat?” he asked. He wasn’t looking at me, meaning we didn’t make much of anything.

“No.” I said to him, lifting his chin. “Go home, fix yourself something to eat.” I gave him a small smile. “I’ll figure something out for myself like always.” I forced a convincing smile for him and grabbed my sword from his bag, strapping it to my back. “Now go, you don’t want to be out here when Unit is out.”

“Unit doesn’t scare me...” he mumbled, crossing his arms. “You sure you’ll be fine? You said that last time and then went three days without eating anything!” he looked at me now, with those sad eyes.

“I promise I will be fine. And go, I’m not going to lose you like I did mom.” though Eythan was only a few years younger than me, I took more of a father role for him, especially after our mother was killed by a Light Shifter assassin. By Unit

“Fine, but if you’re not back by dark I’m coming after you.” he warned me, pure determination in his eyes. I couldn’t help but smile at him as I watched his figure walk into the masses of people on the street.

I shook my head, laughing quietly as he left. “Will he ever learn?” I asked myself as I walked off of the street, blending into the other citizens as I slipped unnoticed into a small café. The warm air inside was filled with swirling scents of cinnamon, coffee, honey, and a mixture of many spices. I took a deep breath, walking calmly to an empty seat in the back. The building itself was small, cozy even. The tables were waist high and circular. The wood that made them and the chairs was dark, almost as if to mask the stains from spilled drinks. The lighting was soft candle light that shone from rustic chandlers hanging a few inches above my head. The glow gave everything a soft, mysterious look. Light voices talking in quiet whispers that seemed to echo in the room. But I did not care to listen to them; I just kept my eyes on the old table, waiting patiently to be served.

It wasn’t long until I heard that low voice asking “what would you like today sir?”

I looked up at the young lady who had asked and gave her the fakest smile I had. “Coffee.” I said simply. “With some honey if you wouldn’t mind.” then I turned my head back, to look once again at the table.

The waitress nodded and walked off to get my drink. My finger drew small red circles of flames on the table, burning into to old wood. By the scent of the smoke, I could tell it was more than likely oak, and if not, the cherry. Each type of tree, gave off its own unique sent when burned, though some were close enough to get mixed up, even by a master fire dancer like myself. I watched the smoldering wood for a long second before putting a cross over lapping the circle. The design being the same as the one I barred on my left shoulder. An eclipse cross, thought to be a mark passed down through an ancient royal blood line of the Shadow Charmers. But then again, people like me were thought of as second class. It was the Light Shifters the ruled the land.

I can’t say for how long I sat there until my drink came, but it felt like years. I nodded to the waitress who went off to another customer and glanced out the window. The sky was orange and pink with the suns setting light.

I need to get home soon. I thought as I poured a bit of honey into my coffee. Then I removed a flask from my pocket, unstopped it and let a bit of its dark liquid spill into the drink. I stirred the drink slowly, inhaling the soft sent of vanilla and honey. The steam from the cup swirled and spun in the air.

Slowly, I raised the glass to my lips, inhaling deeply before taking a small sip of the burning liquid. I held the drink in my mouth for a few seconds, letting it singe my tongue before swallowing. The glass hit the table with a small clank as I set it down with a soft sigh of contentment. I had my head down, and did not see the approaching men, but I could hear them. Their heavy steps and thick boots bouncing across the floor like stone soldiers. They stopped in front of me, and stood patiently for me to look up. From the limited vision I had in my position. I could just see the grey boots they worse, sliver legs armor shining under the folds of their snowy robes. Gold trimmed them off, glittering from the candle light. At the waist of the front most man, I could make out his rapier, a long thin bladed sword, hanging from his right hip on a think leather belt. Assuming that the others were the same, getting out of here unscratched was a big gamble.

Instead of making a stupid move and reaching from the sword on my back, I picked up my drink with my left hand, the hand closest to the men and sipped my drink. While my right hand, slipped down my thigh, gripping lightly onto the dagger I kept strapped there.

“Demytrii Rekar?” It was the first of them that spoke my name. His voice was smooth and deep, a haunting sound.

“Yes?” I replied calmly. My mouth searing at the cold air that rushed in as I spoke.

“You are under arrest for the murder of your Father, Jakel Rekar.” He seemed happy almost as he told me this. As if catching me was his soul goal in life. “Do you disagree with the charge?”

“No...” I looked up at him now, my hand still holding on to the steaming cup, while the other slowly and carefully pulled the dagger from its bonds. “I agree.”

“Stand up please.” the words were meant to be a request, though they came out as a harsh threat, and the men in the back moved slightly, as if ready to chase if I ran.

But I did not plan on running, instead, while they were ready to chase, I was ready to fight. “Sorry, sir.” I said, pausing and laughing before the finally word. “But I don’t plan on going anywhere with you.” I grinned, looking up at him for the first time.

The first thing I noticed was his angular face. His ashy blond hair, slicked back from his face with a few stray strands falling into his sparkling apple green eyes. Those eyes, that shone like jewels held such a hatred for me. And at the time I simply dismissed it, thinking that the only reason was because I was a Shadow Charmer. He stepped toward me, his weapon clinking against the armor he wore under his robe. I knew the Units armor far too well and my smile grew as he came within range. My movement became a blur, my one hand, tossing the burning drink from my cup, into the face of the apple eyed man.

His screams, or more correctly described, shrieks, rose at such a level the others covered their ears, paying no mind to me as I stood, pushing the front man out of my way. He stumbled, still in pain with his hands over his face and fell against the table. The wood splintered under him from his weight, and I moved on toward the other too, who by now had drawn their weapons, ready for a fight. I however, kept my knife hidden carefully in my hand. The flat of the blade was pressed firmly against my forearm, the handle, gripped tightly in my hand, half hidden behind me. I advanced to ward them, moving with an unseen speed. Smoky shadows emanated from points on my body, vaporizing into the air as I moved toward the two Unit members. They stepped back slightly, but were not fast enough, I stepped forward with my left foot, spinning on my heel and driving the blade of my dagger into one of the men’s throats before either of them could make a move.

The second man jumped back from me. He was well built, a strong chest, broad shoulders, but that would make him slower. I smiled at him, showing off my teeth as they shifted to pointed fangs. A low growl escaped from my throat as I took my stance, ready to attack. The Soldier smirked, his eyes going silver as the light around him cracked, shattering into glass-like shards. Blazing sparks blinded the spectators, who by now had moved as far from us as they could. The light shards came forward, speeding towards me, and I knew I had no chance to dodge them, and had no intention of being cut to ribbons by them either. Swiftly, I moved backward, stepping into what looked like a puddle on the wooden floor. Swirls of blacks, violets and silvers, raced around each other, swallowing me at a much faster pace then the incoming light. With less then a hairs breadth between myself and the onslaught of potential death, the vortex took me in whole, completing my great escape from Unit.

I came back up, out side of the café, stepping out from the wall as if I had come from nowhere. I wished I had truly come from nowhere, for as I stepped out, I felt a hot, burning pain in the back of my head. It throbbed every time I breathed, every time I moved or even thought to move. The thick blood dripped down my neck as I fell forward, unable to stop myself. Though I pulled it together, just enough so that I landed on my back, and not my face. Landing hard on the stone ground beneath me, my head cracked more, only making the pain unimaginably worse. To add to that, only seconds after that blow to my head, that thick soled lather rammed into my side, causing me to involuntarily scream, my voice echoing and mixing with a rising laughter. A laughter that was deep and so recognizable to me that I almost screamed again. The pain flaring, now through out my entire body made it impossible fore me to control the shadows, let alone muster enough strength to use fire.

“ That, was for the burns you bastard.” sneered that unforgettable voice. I still hadn’t opened my eyes, but I heard his boot sliding against the ground as he kicked me again, and again I shouted.
Forcing my eyes open, they met solely with bright green ones, that laughed as they stared down at me. I tried to stay awake, to fight off the exhaustion that was overcoming my body, but unfortunately I wasn’t strong enough and unconsciousness won.
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Chapter one False Charges
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