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 No Matter How Much It Hurts, Chapter Two

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PostSubject: No Matter How Much It Hurts, Chapter Two   Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:06 am

Chapter Two
The woman has blonde curls and blue eyes, with a girl the exact opposite behind her. She drives straight through down without a glance, right to the mayors house.
“Get out Anna.” She parks right outside the large white house. “She’ll remember you.”
They go up to the door together, the woman happy, the girl completely emotionless. One knock on the door and Regina’s there, running her eyes up and down the woman and a smile breaking onto her face.
“Mia Hart. It’s been so long. And this is,” Her eyes turn to the girl, “Anna, if I remember correctly?”
The girl’s eyes are cold and scan this woman, wearing a gray dress and black heels, her lipstick dark pink. Not red. Wrong about that. “That’s what she named me.”
Both women laugh and the girl remains silent, arms crossed. “Come in. Henry’s at school, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you. Are you staying at Granny’s?”
Mia bites her lip and shakes her head. “No, I was going to ask to stay here. It’s much more-elegant. And I was hoping to talk to you. Privately.”
Regina’s eyes immediately go cold. “Is the girl included in this?”
“It’s about Anna.”
“I told you how much I hate that name Mia.”
“Well, I adopted her.”
The mayor grabs Mia by the wrist, leads her into the living room and forces her to sit on the white couch. Anna follows, still unhappy. Regina sits in the black leather chair across from them.
“Why are you here? I took special precautions in making sure your memory wasn’t-”
“Erased. I know. I wasn’t even planning on coming; I was planning on following the deal. Anna had different plans. I found her in my car this morning with a suitcase and a map to Storybooke, Maine.”
Both women take a minute to glare at each other. It’s the girl who breaks the silence.
“I know I’m you’re daughter. And I know my name’s not Anna.”
They both turn to her, cold eyed Regina and startled Mia. “How?” They ask it simultaneously.
“Look at us Mia. Our hair, our eyes. It’s the exact same. And she wouldn’t have named me Anna. You did.”
They look at each other. “You swear you didn’t tell her?”
“Of course! All I told her was that she was adopted. I don’t know how she guessed the name thing or who you were.”
“It was easy.” She interrupts them coldly. “I have a picture of when I was born. She had my eyes. And my hair. And my smile. I knew her name, you’d written it on the back. And my real name.” Regina decides to test this. “Who’s your father?”
“Graham Homer. My curls are his, though you can’t see them right now. I saw him when we drove in. Mia told me he’s the sheriff. You fooled around with him fourteen years ago? How old were you?”
She stiffens, but answers truthfully. “Nineteen. He was going to a law enforcement school a few streets over from my politician’s school. It just happened.” She’s staring at the floor and Mia’s eyebrows have reached her hairline. “He talked me out of abortion.”
They look at each other then-mother to daughter. Regina with short, coarse black hair and cold brown eyes. The girl with a slicked back pony tail of matching black and equally cold eyes. No one could deny the resemblance.
“So you know what your real name is?”
The girl smiles coldly. “Of course. The only plant without a heart. Ivy.”
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No Matter How Much It Hurts, Chapter Two
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