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PostSubject: Alone   Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:03 pm

It's such a horrible feeling- aloneness
To stand in a group of hundreds, and feel alone
When they're supposed to family
Yet they talk behing your back
And lie
They never seem to care
A group of hundreds, all love the same thing
Yet you're left out and alone
With few friends
When you can stand and tear up, alone in the masses
Because nobody sees you
Not in pain
Not sick
Not sad
Not happy
Not well
Not excited
And you wonder
Who are these wonderful people you talk about?
These people don't have my back.
I wish I had the experience you did
Because the only thing getting me though this
Is severe determination
That this won't break me
I won't let
I'll fight it alone
Like I always have been
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