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 The first 1,000 words of my book, 1,000 Words

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PostSubject: The first 1,000 words of my book, 1,000 Words   Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:48 pm

Pictures are the way the world remembers the past. A photographers job is to capture the emotion in the pictures taken, magnify it, and make it as real as possible to everyone who sees it, like looking into a past reality rather than an image on white cardstock. That is why I am a photographer; moments go by too fast, especially the good ones, for me to just let them go on by without trying to find a way to remember them. Everything is worth taking a picture of, not just the planned poses. I don’t take pictures hoping to win the material prize or recognition. What drives me is the chance that I might take one so well that the feeling flowing off of it is almost tangible.. I want people to say, “Wow, it looks as if I could reach out and touch it!”
Sitting here at the edge of my bed in the college dorm room, I try to choose five pictures from about seventy-five. The club in this school only accepts the best of the best, so the professor, Mr. McAllister, is requiring that participants bring five of his/her own best photos.
“Dude, you’ve been staring at those pictures forever, you got a hot girl there, or what?” my roommate, Max Zientak, asks me. He has been staring at Google pictures of Megan Fox forever as well. At least what I am doing has purpose.
“Or what.” I make the final decision, choosing my most recent contest winners. I have won every single contest I have ever entered, which is part of the reason why I got a full scholarship to this $50,000 a year college. Prize money for photography contests can range anywhere from $500 to $5,500.
I put the rest of the photos back inside the case and leave the chosen five on my desk for tomorrow.
“I hate this freakin’ college, this computer has been stuck here for ages,” Max growls, slamming the mouse up and down and clicking the close page button repeatedly.
“Max, you’re really over doing it,” I caution him when I see the picture it’s frozen on; Megan naked. “If Dean Richard came in here right now you would be screwed!” Max laughs viciously.
“How? You got a problem with this stuff?” he asks.
“Girls are seriously turned off by guys who look at pictures of naked girls, especially Megan Fox, on the internet.”
“You know that from experience? I know you are a picture freak, but exactly do you take pictures of?” His eyebrows raise high in suspicion.
“Of course not. I’d bet a thousand dollars that you’ve heard at least one girl gossip to another about how Taylor Mayde broke up with Dillon because of that.”
“Hey, don’t talk about that, Dillon would rip you apart,”
“Yeah, if his fist could reach my face!” Dillon is Max’s closest friend. They dress the same way, talk the same way, date the same kinds of girls, and get in the same trouble. Dillon is the ringleader and the more aggressive one. If he were my roommate, this conversation would’ve ended before it began.
Max curses loudly and leaves the computer, knocking the chair over in the process.
“Alright, I am officially bored to death,” he groans.
“Do your homework,” I advise, already knowing the answer.
“No!” As if that explains it all.
“It’s people like you who make me wonder if this college’s standards are legit.”
“Whatever, man. Hey, let me see that,” he asks, pointing at my chosen photos. I hand them to him. He knows he is a dead man if he so much as gets a hair on one of them. One of the great benefits of being so tall. “Wow. These are pretty goo- Whoa! This one is freakin’ awesome!” He holds up the photo of a tough looking guy I caught seconds before his fist shattered my camera lens. He caught me trying to take a picture of his girlfriend in the park, (Her hair was electric blue! That’s all I was interested in, not her 3-inch nose ring or neon booty shorts.) and he marched up and punched me, no questions asked. I moved the camera away just in time to protect it, but not before he redirected my nose. It still looks slightly off balance, and it has been two years! “How did you even get to do that?”
“I didn’t ask him to walk up and pose for the picture, he actually did succeed in ruining my face after the flash.”
“I would never do that. Was it even worth it?”
“Do you think $3,000 is worth it?”
“Wow. I underestimated you.”
Suddenly, the computer shuts off, flashing a bright light and making a noise like a slide whistle. That is definitely not natural. Max curses loudly again, and kicks the chair across the room. I try to suppress laughter. It’s hilarious how stressed out he is!
“Chill, Max!”
“Shut up!” he shouts.
“Don’t you have a laptop?”
“Riiiiiight,” Max flops on his bed and puts a hand over his face.
I sigh deeply, this dude is really a lot dumber than I thought. I’m beginning to get bored too, though. A trip outside will do the trick. Ever since I figured out that photography was my talent, I became an outdoorsy type of person, spending hours at a time outside taking pictures of almost everything. It’s been a while since I have gone out.
I hook my camera around my neck, shove the room key down my pocket, and go to the bathroom to run a comb through my hair. Not exactly sure how it got so messed up, but a few swipes back fixes it.
“Where are you going?” Max questions.
“Outside.” I respond. The best part of this college is the view outside of the windows and the land it’s on. It’s 600 acres of pure majesty! In addition, The beach is only four miles away, anybody
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The first 1,000 words of my book, 1,000 Words
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