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 Magic Worlds

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PostSubject: Magic Worlds   Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:57 pm

The mist swirls everywhere
The city is not yet awake
Church bells ring
Echoing through the silent streets
A river flows, never sleeping
The city old with rustic beauty

In another world, there is still mist
Shrouding sand and waves
Sea gulls cry, the ocean moans
Glittering off the water, the sun rises in the cool, damp morning

Now, the city is awake, the sun burning the mist from the groud
It comes alive
Bright red buses go down the street
Camera's clicking at sights that the city is famous for

The seaside has come alive
Birds flying through the clear air
Wind and waves whistle

I watch it all, a stranger to niether
Both are lovely in their own way
Both hold a place in my heart for different reasons
Through it all, I know they are my physical, and my hearts home
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Magic Worlds
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