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 HetaOni (Branching off from "Cosmic Love"...Please read, if only to humor me! XD)

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PostSubject: HetaOni (Branching off from "Cosmic Love"...Please read, if only to humor me! XD)   Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:20 am



No, this is not an actual movie or animation, though I genuinely wish it were. We fans have our plans, but there are a lot of rights involved...Nevertheless, allow me to explain what HetaOni is:

HetaOni is basically a fanmade Hetalia story told in RPG game format. The basic plotline for the story begins with Italy hearing rumors about a haunted mansion. Wanting to spend time with the others more and go on an adventure, he tells America about it, who in turn tells all the others at a World Meeting. After the meeting, Prussia, Germany, Japan, and Italy all enter the house together (they are later followed by China, Canada, America, Russia, France, and England). They only wanted to look around a bit and then leave, but their plans are quickly ruined when they find themselves unable to open the front door or any windows once they get inside. To make matters worse, inside the house is a great, alien-like monster (referred to as Tony by the nations and fans) that seems to be bent on killing them all. What follows is a great adventure, filled with mystery, suspense, blood, bravery, and sacrifice, all of which ultimately cause the nations to form bonds and friendships with each other and become stronger than ever before.

It's only up to part 17 in English (as far as I know), and I'm on about part 10; it really just draws you in...I'll put up a link to the first part with English subtitles, but I'll warn you first, the art isn't all that great in the beginning, and you really just have to get used to things...but it's fantastic. I love it. XD

Click to watch HetaOni...if you dare! XD Totes lame on my part, I know...

~Just a by the way to anyone who does get into it (probably no one): So far, they've only remembered Amerimochi once, and they haven't bothered to save him (as far as I am, mind you). And apparently, the profile images only improve in Germany's magical room...Those were things I wondered about, anyway...~

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HetaOni (Branching off from "Cosmic Love"...Please read, if only to humor me! XD)
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