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PostSubject: Originality   Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:32 pm

I'm brilliant with titles, aren't I? So original. Well, as you all may or may not know, my Lord of the Rings fandom has returned with a vengeance, and rather at an inconvenient time. I've stumbled upon a satisfactory novel idea, you see, and now all my brain wants to create is LotR fanfiction. Being the weakling I am, I've given in and used my novel characters, but I have no intention of finishing the piece or taking it seriously.

So! I'm bored and none of my family members will listen to me babble, thus forth I shall share my novel's basic premise to see if it is an idea that would succeed. If not, I may continue the LotR version, as greatly as I despise it. My main character (no one really has last names yet, but at least I've managed to give them first names), named Charlotte, has dual personalities. One of them is cheerful and outgoing (if a tad useless, and not the brightest crayon in the box) and the other is not only male, but also one of the biggest jerks imaginable (and he's neither useful nor bright either). Lotty and Charles get along fairly well; however, both desire to be loved, which isn't exactly easy when you're two different people, and aren't sure which personality is the original.

I've only got the very basics plotted out - nothing is certain. Nevertheless, after an eventful session with their therapist, Friedrich Nischt (formerly a drill sergeant), they're planned to encounter a fine young gentleman by the name of Noel. I'm not sure if he's bipolar or schizophrenic (Mother suggested schizophrenic); he's childish and has a tendency to strike out at others through violence. Together, they journey into a land of warring fairy-like creatures, and struggle to survive. It's unclear whether the world is in their minds or real, but I plan for the story to be a mix between a harsh real world and a harsh but magical fantasy world.

Other characters include Charlotte's cat, Jack (female), Friedrich's cat, George (Jack adores him, Charles hates him), and Friedrich's dog, Fritz (Lotty loves him, but Charles and Jack hate him). Only Fritz's breed is decided (German Shepherd; I love them).

Well...that's about all. I haven't decided on a title or anything either. As for the fanfiction...Well, the hobbits are my favorite characters, and I really wanted to write a fan from the real world's journey into the LotR world. So I just stuck Charlotte in there. ;D She's having fun, though she's only met Gandalf so far. There are a lot of facts to deal with when you're writing LotR fanfiction; the hobbit families in particular are quite extensive, and Middle-Earth is, well, a whole new world. There's even new languages to take into consideration, not to mention keeping everyone in character...I've got myself into a right mess, haven't I?


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