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 Alone, part 2

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PostSubject: Alone, part 2   Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:40 pm

We are still running, but the tsunami is so close behind, like the men from the pound running after the stray dogs. I can feel it getting closer, and I know that it will hit us, and we will be swept up in this gigantic tidal wave. A moment later, it crashes into us, spinning us out of control, the water's power ripping my friend and I apart. I try to surface, to see where she is. I'm able to see her crash into a light pole, and watch in horror while trying to keep myself afloat, her body zap with electricty. I'm pulled under again, but this time I open my eyes. I see bodies staring up at me, being swept along by this powerful currant. There are eletric poles and light poles falling into the water, crushing and electrocuting people. Others are spun into buildings or drown under them. Houses are caving in all around me, and screams of terror and pain echo into my skull. People near me are surfacing, and we look at each other with wide eyes. I reconize a few faces. There is one of my schoolmates Asa Chiaki, and my brothers best friend Yuichi Zenshiro, and our neighbors, Yu and Oki Naoki. The wave is beginning to recend, pulling us into the ocean with it. My heart swells with terror. I look around for something solid that could support me from being swept away with the tide. We have been swept miles inland, far away from my tiny village of Tsubasa. I reconize this place as where my father comes to work, for this is the town Yo. I reach out for a large, steady concrete pole, and garsp it with my arms, wraping my legs around it. The water begins to reced, and although my pole moves, swaying to and fro and pulling me this way and that, I am lucky that it barely stays put. Now, how to find my family, and make sure they're all right. If they are still alive.
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Alone, part 2
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