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 Eragon by Christopher Paolini

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PostSubject: Eragon by Christopher Paolini   Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:58 pm

One boy, one egg, one adventure of a lifetime.

Eragon, a boy raised under his aunt and uncle is a simple farmboy along with his cousin Roran. He never knew who his father was, only his mother named Selena. She is said to have died soon after Eragons' birth. They live in Carvahall in Planacar Valley, in a land mass called Alagaesia about the size of North America. Before anything like mythical creatures came on to this land one thing existed- elves. The elves came to the land and bonded themselves with the dragons in a pact. Soon after that, the first Rider was chosen- Eragon the Elf. Next humans came and also joined the pact. Then dwarves came but did not join the pact. One day while Eragon the Human is hunting, he comes across a huge flash of green light and when it clears it reveals a sapphire blue stone. He picks it up and soon finds out that it is hollow from a trader. He then touches the stone but this time it wiggles on its' own accord. Out of curiosity he touches it again and it hatches, revealing a sapphire blue dragon. Thinking nothing will happen, he touches the dragons' membrane on its' wing. When he does this action however, a lightning speed pain races from his right palm through his whole body. So a mental and physical link is forged between him and later to be named Saphira. He is the first free Rider to exist in about 100 years. King Galbatorix is the other one, but he is extremely evil.

~Now read the book! Not giving away tons of spoilers.
~There has been 3 books so far, and Christopher Paolini is coming out with a Book 4 next year, so I have to wait a year sadly.
~NOTE! This series has plenty of fighting and blood so do not read it if you do not like that type of stuff. In my case I do......... I am weird.
~You will find out about some of the people quote on my signature if you read the series, like Brom and Oromis. (even though Oromis is not until the end of the book/ beginning of second, Eldest)
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Eragon by Christopher Paolini
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