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 Once Upon A Time Chapter One-Seriously, this is all of Chapter 1.

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PostSubject: Once Upon A Time Chapter One-Seriously, this is all of Chapter 1.   Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:04 am

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Azizah, there lived a family. They were, of course, known as the Royal Family of Azizah, one of musical gifts and undeniable power. Azizah itself was known for its music, the ocean by which the main city was settled and for its excellent beauty. People from every nation, friendly to Azizah or not, came to some village or some city at one point. They cities were filled with large performing halls and the villages overflowing with simple wooden stages that people would flock to once work was done to sing or play an instrument. Music kept them at great peace towards everyone and every king and prince hoped to marry an heir to Azizah’s throne. The power would be unmistakable if such was attained.
Azizah’s hundredth king had been crowned and married for but a single year when his wife was found to be with child. Rejoicing was not a question and festivals, operas, plays and concerts were soon planned out and made. Villagers streamed into the major cities where the king would visit, leaving fields, gardens and shops abandoned. King Ethan and Queen Sophia were under high demand to attend certain plays, operas, concerts and festivals in their honor and finally they threw up their hands.
“I have seen travel as a danger to my future child’s safety, as well as my wife’s. Though I have no intention of coward ship or to put great works into a line of fault, but we have decided that under the circumstances we are, traveling will be excused from our agenda. We will attend to everything on our agenda pertaining to the royal city of Jamin. Everything else will be excused. Thank you for your cooperation.”
Villagers either retreated in sorrow to their homes or made preparations to visit the royal city itself. Residents of the great cities packed up horses and carriages and raced to Jamin to see the king. Festivals were either moved to the royal city’s streets or called off. All performance halls were full, so anything not booked was cancelled. Though they were greatly disappointed, the kingdoms people cooperated in the best way they could.
At long last, the queen was put on bed rest and the kingdom held its breath for the birth of the first royal child. A month passed. Villagers were practically forced home to attend to their fields, flocks, shops, families and gardens. The visiting upper-class sent for extra luggage to keep them fresh and satisfied. The king cancelled all appointments unless extremely urgent and spent almost all his time beside his wife. They brought her things of amusement, along with entertainers from every corner of the kingdom.
The season was winter and the days dark and stormy. The large performing halls closed their doors for sunny days. Almost every single villager retreated to their homes as well as some of the nobles. Then, on the first and only clear day of winter, when the sky was pearl white and the ocean calm, a painful cry came from a castle window. Few heard it, but within the hour, the king came gleeful onto the royal balcony and proclaimed the birth of his first child. His first daughter.
“And she will be named Roma for the great city of Rome she will one day inherit!”
The gathered people laughed. Rome was far away, but she was born onto a high throne that might even gain Rome itself one day. A name that showed promise. A name that showed strength. The people could not have been more pleased.

Do you think the child would be raised in music? Yes! Why?
Just because you’re raised in something, does that mean you’ll enjoy it?
Sometimes. But why?
Be patient and listen.
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Once Upon A Time Chapter One-Seriously, this is all of Chapter 1.
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