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 The World of Love

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PostSubject: The World of Love   Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:34 pm

So many songs, so much hope, so much loss.
The world of love.
Beginning when you are known, never turly ending.
The world of love.
Never is there truly peace. Prosperity in it is rare.
The world of love.
Hope, joy and peace are often assoicited with it.
The world of love.
Some never find it, a few lucky do.
The world of love.
Differences exist, but they are no less.
The world of love.
Found too late, found too early.
The world of love.
Pain, bitterness, envy.
The world of love.
Unexpected, lost, and never found again.
The world of love.
Risks, rewards, heartbreak.
The world of love.
It never had a beginning in the world, it shall never end.
The world of love.
We crave it, we desire it, we throw it away.
The world of love.
It lives in memories, it can never truly die.
The world of love.
Undescribable, felt unatainable.
The world of love.
For those I meet, for those I shall never encounter, for those I've met.
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The World of Love
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