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PostSubject: Theona   Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:37 pm

Sixteen year old Theona, princess of Italy, sat on her balcony, desperate. If you had gone down a few staircases, you would find a lovely party of masked people dancing in warm candle light. You would find men drinking big gulps of mead and wine and women laughing with happiness and perhaps a few were drunk as well. But Theona felt a great urge to rid herself of the world she had grown up in. Throughout this great city of love she had lived, ridden and walked, but not once had she loved. Was there a man with whom she passionately danced? No. Perhaps a gentleman she watched make a daily walk just outside the castle walls who secretly knew her? No. Many fell for this beautiful princess, but she fell for no one, though she longed to.
“Ma’am? The queen bids you to return.”
She turned around slowly, knowing the candle light would show the tears that fell off her cheeks. The maid acted as though she never saw them, but she knew she did. She knew she’d go and gossip about the weak heart of their princess and how she cried on her balcony for no one.
“Tell her no.” She stood straight to command authority. “Tell her I am a young lady of virtue who will not surround herself with shameful figures of drunkenness. And you will remain silent. You will remain of a closed mouth to all those you wish to tell. The urge is shown in your face of how you wish to describe my tears in the candle light, the arch of my back on the balcony. But you will not. For if you do I will be able to describe the exact form of your lips as the truth slips from them. As the secret truth spills from them. Understood?”
The scared maid solemnly nodded her head. “I will remain silent. My princess tears I never saw, nor can describe. But what shall I tell the queen.”
“That as a young lady of virtue, I will not surround myself with drunks. I am tired and plan on retiring momentarily.”
With that the room returned to silence. She wished, how desperately she wished, that a man was throwing rocks to her window. That as she dreamed of a mystery man she would one day marry, the mystery man was dreaming of her. If she wasn’t married in two years she would probably never be able to marry a man of virtue, but perhaps she could. But perhaps she couldn’t.
Below, the queen spun with gracefulness as the candles threw shadows of her and on her. The maid returned, but still her daughter was absent.
“Your message?” She stopped dancing and took the maid to an empty corner.
“A young lady of virtue she is ma’am. She refuses to associate with drunks.”
“Oh, never mind her virtues. As her mother, I command that she makes entrance to this ball room as soon as possible. Tell her that. Tell her it is a command.”
“Yes ma’am.” By now the maid was tired and the stairs did everything they could to slow her down. “Ma’am?”
“I am planning to retire. Leave me.”
“Your mother commands you make entrance.”
A sigh came from behind the heavy doors. “I will be down.”
In just a few moments, she’d fixed her hair and makeup, sliding back on her bracelet and ring. Her dress was a light purple satin that exposed the top of her shoulders and had long, elegant sleeves with a full, floor-length skirt. On her wrist was a silver bracelet and its matching ring glittered on her middle finger of the same arm.

It's kinda like a play, written in story form. Hope you guys like it!
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