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 Thank You God and Santa Claus!

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PostSubject: Thank You God and Santa Claus!   Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:37 pm

Hi everybody, yes, I am posting this on Christmas because it's practically a Christmas miracle! What's so big rather than it's Jesus's birthday do you ask? Look out your windows all who live in GA! SNOW!!! I'm not talkin flurrys, this is stuff that sticks. It's so beautiful and makes you dizzy if you try to watch it, but like I said, amazing and beautiful. I can't get over the fact that this year was my first white Christmas ever. I wonder if it snowed in Bethlaham for Jesus. I kind of like living in a place where snow is so rare, because then, every time we have it, it makes it more amazing and special. But I would rather live in a place with more snow. Yet it's so amazing now. Snow on Christmas day. Okay, we didn't wake up to it, but if it snows on Christmas, that makes it a white Christmas, doesn't it? Don't care if you people say yes or no! Today is a white Christmas in my book! Hooray! Thank you God! And thank you Santa Claus!
Merry Christmas abd happy new year, with love,
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Thank You God and Santa Claus!
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