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Scarlett Fire

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PostSubject: Prophecy   Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:29 pm

And here's another. This is the prologue/prophecy for a story that I'm probably going to post soon. I'm not sure if I should change anything or not, but here it is.



Out of the mists the Hero shall come
Carrying a sword, all White and Gold
To save a woman,
Skin, pale as the light of the moon
Hair and eyes, dark as the trees in bloom

Deep in the heart of shadows and lies
A sword in a stone, glinting Silver and Blue
A woman’s touch
And the sword shall come free
Silver and Blue, sharp as can be

Upon a crimson tide, darkness and evil arrives
Content to bide their time, banished and then returned
There was nothing left that survived
Banished and returned, heroes left safe and alive
Promises of more to come, half forgotten and half undone

And in the end of it all, He shall be
Laid out on a brier with a burning wreath
Fire overhead and water underneath
As above, so below
I will carry you home...

I will carry you home...
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