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 Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*

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PostSubject: Re: Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*   Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:36 pm


"We're free! Free!" I screamed out loud, dancing around in the sky. "Flying across the open blue-'' Something had just hit me. "My letters!" I shrieked. I had forgotten my letters my older brother Bryan had sent me these past 7 years. I had to get them back. They meant the world to me. I sat down beside Lunar.
"Lunar," I whispered in his ear, "I'm going back. Don't tell anyone."
"WHAT!?" Lunar yelled as loud as he can. Everyone turned to look at us.
"Look what you did, you moron!" I slapped his face. "You're so incredibly retarded!"
"You can't go back to that f***ing jail cell," I heard Ren butt in, "It's suicide!"
"I'll be back." I shrugged it off. "Quit worrying. I can take care of myself." I turned away.
Before anyone could object, I darted toward the direction of the beat down laboratory, still surrounded with smoke. I suppose someone went after me, but I didn't care to look back. I advised a strong wind to clear away the smoke, making it so I could see where I was going, and to my dismay, I crash landed straight into a military man right before we both hit the wall......hard. I fell back in shock, staring at the lifeless corpse.
"Did I?" I struggled to grip what was happening. That landing sure gave me a beating. My left wing was crooked, and it seemed to fold onto my back somehow (it didn't feel very pretty), and my right wing....... It was fine. I stalked my way around the trap doors, training gear, etc., until I realized I was lost in a death maze. Could I possibly survive it? Would I live to see my brother again? Something wet rolled down my cheek. A tear. I wiped it with my fist.
I should have listened. I should have stayed. I was selfish. I deserve to die right now. My thoughts raced through my head. I looked around the sterile white hallway. Red lights were flashing, the horrible alarms made my ears ring.
"I deserve to die. I DESERVE IT!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I sprinted now the hall, not knowing where it would take me. The tears blocked my vision.

~Sorry, I will continue it later. I gotta go now. BYE~

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PostSubject: Re: Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:44 am

"That IDIOT!" I screamed as I watched Skylark dive toward the Lab. Not knowing what else to do, I prepared to fly after her.
"No!" Lunar put his hands on my shoulders and blocked my way.
"Wha-- Lunar! You can't possible stand by and watch her do that!" I felt panic seep into my voice.
"No..." His eyes were filled with sorrow and pain. "I can lose Skylark... But I can't lose you." I was torn between telling him how idiotic he was for keeping me there, and melting into his arms.
I went with choice two.
I motioned for him to follow me as we landed on a crag on the side of one of the canyons we were gliding over. As soon as he landed, I put my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. For a moment he didn't move. Then I felt his head on mine and his hands on my back.
"Don't... Don't ever leave me." I heard him say, his voice cracking as if he were crying.
Moments later, I felt my hair get damp. I smiled.

Who knew he cared this much?

Feelin' mushy. Deal with it.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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PostSubject: Re: Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*   Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:31 am


I watched Skylark soar back to the smoking building. The word going around was that she had left something there. It must have been important, because to me and everyone else from the Institute, whatever happens there should STAY there. Including memories. So few of the memories were good ones anyway...

But watching her fly off like that set something off inside me. She was my friend, and I didn't WANT her to leave. I said this loudly in my head, so that perhaps Fawn would hear and try and help me catch her before the life that was handed to her could be snatched back up, like candy from a starving baby (and trust me, we were STARVING for freedom). I soon found that Fawn was a bit preoccupied trying not to drown in her bofriend's "Man Tears", so I took this as an "Ok, Rocket. You can go catch up to Skylark and try to talk her out of getting herself killed even if it means risking yourself as well."

So I sprung up into the air off of the large pine I was perched upon and off into the afternoon sky towards the blonde figure in the distance. I felt like I could catch up, if I hauled serious butt. So I folded my wings tight around my body, leaned down, and did a nose dive straight for the ground. Just as it seemed like my face would be a pancake on the forest floor, I turned back upwards. I truly enjoyed the ironic moment where I really did look like a feathery Rocket. This gave me enough speed to make sure I could get to her in time... So long as she didn't speed up as well.

Unfortunatly, my hopes were crushed when I saw Skylark suddenly shoot like a bullet towards the Institute. Why did she choose now to speed up? Stealthy entrance I suppose... But using my super-bird-freak vision I could see that her landing wasn't nearly as graceful as her flying and she had tumbled to a halt on top of a guard who now looked to be dead. I gasped as Skylark ran, showing signs of an injured ankle, perhaps, into the building we had been trapped inside for our whole lives.

I liked Skylark. I really did. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could ever get me back into that death chamber. Not even the girl that I think is my girlfriend, she just doesn't know it yet. I just had to hope that she would be out ok and maybe bring others along with her. It was her battle from now on. So, with a painful feeling in my gut, I turned away and flew back to my sister and her Man-Lady boyfried. But first I had to wipe off the tears staining my cheeks. Cuz 10 year olds don't cry.


So there we go! Rocket has an adorable boy crush on Skylark, which I thought would be kinda cute until he found someone a little closer to his age or she found somebody who doesn't still have baby teeth. Wink So ya! I WANNA HEAR WHAT HAPPENS TO SKYLARK, NIKKI!!!!! Talk to ya'll later!

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PostSubject: Re: Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*   

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Children of the Winged Generation: *Started/Not Accepting*
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