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 An Herb

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PostSubject: An Herb   Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:51 pm

The world is a cruel place. A place filled with evil souls. I have known this my whole life. A nice lady, the only nice woman on earth, Ava, brought me here. Ava told me my parents abandoned me. They didn't want a baby. Once my birth mother knew she was going to have me, and she couldn't turn back time, so she wished desperatly for a boy. When I, a girl, was born, my father was said to have swaddled me in a rag and placed me in the street. Ava said she saw him do it, then knocked on their door to know why. That is how she knows my story and picked me up from their doorstep. When she took her to her home, the whole town was there. She didn't know why. When she asked the baker, he said that she was the most hated woman on earth, and now would be cursed, beacuse she took a baby. My birth parents were there, accusing her of stealing their baby. So she grabbed what she could, and ran out the back door when the crowd swarmed in her front door. She wandred for days, but it seemed every town thought she had stolen me, so she couldn't find work. The last village we were at, Khole, chased her into the forest. After wandering in the woods, an old, stooped man walked by. "Do you need a place to live, ma'am?" He asked she looked at him with hope, and said "Oh, yes sir! The mobs of villages hate me for something I did not do, and I need a place for me and this babe to stay." "Then I will show you a place." He led hher to this tower. "There is a secret word to open a door, and only I know it. I will let only one of you stay here." Ava knew she would have to leave me, because I was the cause of all her troubles. So she said thank you, she would let me stay here, if she could check on me once a week. The man said yes, and that he would look after me. So with tears in her eyes, she left me, and went to find work. She found work two miles down the road. Since everyone was looking for a woman holding a babe, no one thought she was the 'babe stealer''. She found work in a field, where the owner grew an herb, repunzel. When she visited me for the first time, she named me Repunzel, after the herb. Now, the old man died soon after, having never told Ava the secret code. Now she could not visit me. She was able to buy a very long ladder to climb up into the tower. That was how she cared for me. As I grew, my hair grew extremly fast. Soon she relized that with the help of my hair wraped around a pillar, she didn't have to lengthen the ladder so much. Now, I am 16 years old. My hair is long enough that Ava doesn't need a ladder anymore. She visits me every day, although she doesn't work in the fields anymore. She now runs a clothing store with the help of a friend. Ava said she isn't very nice, but help bring money in thaat helps me, so she has to work with her. I sometimes wonder if I can trust everything Ava tells me, but I have no reason not too.
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An Herb
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