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 A Broken Heart

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PostSubject: A Broken Heart   Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:39 pm

Nothing breaks even in life
I've written about it before
Hearts are no exception
we give our hearts to someone who says
I like you
and think it is true love
Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't
we don't know
until he proposes
or breaks your heart
he takes a good chunk out of you
then comes back, begging
because some girl took some of his heart
and he needs some of your to make it whole
the heart begins as a whole organ
but we give it away
because chances are
the first tiime you 'fall in love'
won't be your last
and some people will take chunks from you
and sometimes
you'll take from them
love is a long road
but it can be well rewarded
if you play your cards right
if only I had listened when my parents said
"You're to young for love"
maybe my heart wouldn't be scared
but it is
and it feels like nothing can make it whole again
because it is not just scared from broken lovers
but from dreams
and some dreams
you just have to give up
and you don't get a do-over
you have to live with it for your whole life
and that can be awhile to regret something you did
when you were six
and made a blind choice
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A Broken Heart
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