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 Murder On Kings Street

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PostSubject: Murder On Kings Street   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:16 pm

It was a normal, pretty fall day outside. The leaves were all sorts of beautiful colours, and a crisp breeze blew more to the ground. 'A wonderful day to walk home from school.' thought Natalie. Her favourite season was fall, and had been since she was a child. As she closed her eyes and turned her face to the sun, she heard a caterwaul. 'What, or who, could that be?' It had been very loud, and it sounded like the victim was close by. 'Was it a cat being attacked by a dog? Or was it actually a human cry. Again, she heard the dreadful cry. She didn't hesitate this time. The sound was too human to ignore. She raced toward the sound, dropping her backpack in a bush. 'Who cares? I could save someones life. That's worth a lot more than a backpack.' she thought hurredly. She rounded a corner, then slipped on something.'Maybe he had tipped over a bird bath and cut himself bad.' Natalie looked at her hands, about to wipe the water off on her jeans, when she saw that it wasn't water. Her hands were covered with fresh, bright blood. She looked around her. The whole backyard of this persons home was covered with blood. When she shifted her foot, she bumped something. Now Natalie was worried. Her boot had scraped a bald mans head. He lay lifeless, with his eyes still open, looking for help. She had come too late. She looked around the rest of the yard. There was the corpse of two women, another man, two teenage boys, and one still bleeding body of a teenage girl. 'Who would do something like this?' natalie thought in horrid amazment. "Well, I see I have lured another into this yard of the dead." She looked up in fright, and saw a man, covered from head to toe in black, with only his eyes showing. He held a machine gun. Natalie barley dared to breath as the man came closer, closer. He got on one knee before, and looked into her eyes. Then, before she could register what was happening, or even able to cry out for help, he was choking her. Before her eyes closed, she knew she would die, and saw the flutter of the leaves on the tree from a big gust of wind, which made a beautiful short show for her, before her eyes closed forever.
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Murder On Kings Street
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