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 Why Her, and Not Me?

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What Do You Think Of This Song?
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c) Why did she write it? It's pretty pointless.
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PostSubject: Why Her, and Not Me?   Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:57 pm

You've hurt me before
but never like this.
Why now?
When I need you the most?
That girl,
why now?
What is she to you?
A distraction,
A hope,
a dream?
But why,
would you dream about her,
when you had me?
Am I not enough
to fulfill your needs?
Am I not right for you, well you seem right for me!
Am not 'perfect'?
I'm as 'perfect' as I can be!
If your lookin for perfection,
your not gonna find me, or her, or anyone,
to fulfill you need.
If your lookin' for 'perfect love'
well, your not gonna find it.
I thought you told me 'Well, I think your perect'
what kind of lie is that?
She's just a girl who's pretty, but is she prettier than me?
Well I guess so, if you'll forsake me.
I can't take it anymore
what am to you?
If your tell me
I'll walk away from you,
from her, from anyone,
who's so much better than me.
I'm already starting.
No wonder it came to this
never tell again, that you love me.
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Why Her, and Not Me?
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