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 My friend likes this girl...

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PostSubject: My friend likes this girl...   Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:37 pm

Yeah, so you guys are probably going to think that I'm stupid and juvinile, but I have to tell someone. I'm pretty good friends with this guy at my school named Kenan. He asked me to go to the Homecoming football game with him( IT WAS NOT A DATE) I turned him down at first, and then I thought about it, and decided to tell him I would go. When I told him today, he said "Uh, great. There's another gril coming, too." When he said that, I was really hoping that it wasn't some brat. I figured ou later that it was Marissa Chamison. She used to be in my girl scout group, so I kind of know her, and she's okay, Then, while we're all hanging out, they're all touching each other and everything, and Kenan was telling Marissa that I was jealous about them always touching each other. And, of course, as if the night could get any more rotton, he tells me that they're going out! I had always hoped that he wouldn't date some cheap girl and then get his heart broken, and I guess Marissa isn't to cheap, but she is a little, and I'm worried about him. And it's hard to watch a friend, who always extremly denies that we are going out, and then, two days before the game, he asks this other girl out. I was wondering if he might ask me out, but then, beacuse I kept saying tjat we were both just friends, he decided to go out wth another girl. Like they said on Grey's Anatomy last night, "Even freaks can't wait forever."
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My friend likes this girl...
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