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 The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*

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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:05 pm

Name: Fauna Rajiya

Age: 17

Gender: Girl

District: 5 (livestock)

Appearance/Picture: Always wears her shiny red hair in a braid. Somewhat tanned skin, mysterious blue eyes. Rather thin.

History: She has no real mother or father, but was raised by an extremely old lady who is not completely sane and she calls her Nana. Every day she sets out as hopeful as possible and she watches sheep graze which is very boring, but 'important'.

Skills: Can be completely silent and creep up on people easily. Used to being in crazy, hectic enviroments, fends for herself and naturally does it for others. Is quiet most of the time. Can do hand to hand combat rather well.

Weaknesses: Scared of making an alliance with the wrong person. However, she's scared to be alone as well and she's terrified of dogs/wolves. Hates killing, perfers not to fight.

Personality: Always seems to have a somewhat sad look on her face, but can be very happy and open once you get to know her. She loves to sing, helpful, strong when it comes to opinions and always thinks about right and wrong.

Up For Alliances?: No sure yet. As I said, she's scared of making an alliance with the wrong person or group or people.

Symbol: A single silver band that she wears on her ring finger to show purity. It was a gift from Nana.

Other: Not a carrer. She never actually planned to be in the Hunger Games and is terrified of the idea and knows she'll die but also plans to try her best not to die too soon.

Posting: I shall post whenever possible. It depends on if I'm fasting, have a lot of homework or have an extremely busy week.
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PostSubject: The Reaping Of Fauna Rajiya: District Five   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:41 pm

“Nana put that down.” I say in an annoyed voice.
“You’re not the boss of me Fauna. I’m pretty sure I was the one who raised you.”
I come over and take the TV wire out of her wet hands. A few more moments and she’d be as good as dead.
“That could have killed you, so don’t start complaining. Besides, you need to be alive today.”
“Nana, how could you have forgotten?”
“Forgotten what?”
“It’s reaping day.”
We dress nicely, eat what little food we have and start walking towards the Center Square. On the way we run into a few other people who live around us and they promise to watch Nana while I’m with my age group. Just one more year. I tell myself. Then you’ll be able to stay with Nana. Quietly, I slip through the crowd till I find girls that I know from my class at school, but have never talked to. They whisper and laugh while the fat mayor talks and talks about the history of Panem and why we have the Hunger Games. I really want to slap him right now, which is something I normally would never do to anyone. When the district rep steps up, though, they hush up. He’s got to be one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen and although he has a horrible job, I wouldn’t mind kissing him. I blush at the thought.
“Hello people of District 5. It is another year, which calls for another Hunger Games. I will call the men first, then the ladies.”
He walks calmly over to the boys’ ball, picks the first name his fingers close around and starts walking to the microphone. When he reads the name, which I don’t recognize, the girl next to me screams, then faints. I jump back, startled, while her friends immediately begin to fan her face and whisper soothingly into her ear.
“Why’d she do that?” I ask, concerned, as I see the boy ever so slowly go towards the stage.
“That’s her boyfriend. It’s her worst nightmare coming true.” One of the girls quickly explains, then goes back to helping her friend.
“May we have your attention, please?” The mayor clears his throat, and then lets the district rep up again.
“And the female tribute is: Fauna Rajiya.”
The minute my name comes from his lips I pass out too, but no one screams for me.
“Fauna? Please wake up, please.” Nana’s voice pulls at me till I wake up for her.
“Nana? What happened?”
Her old eyes shine with tears and she pats my hand. “You were selected to be in the Hunger Games.”
I spring to a sitting position, but nausea fills me and I slowly sink back down onto a beautiful purple couch. I realize that the room is dressed up wonderfully, with carpets and pillows and pictures and chairs.
“Yes.” She smiles sadly. “You.”
All the protests I can think of flow through my mind. I lift my hand slowly and touch Nana’s cheek, where I feel tears. She grabs my hand and holds it there for a short while, silence filling the room.
“I love you Nana.”
“I love you too.”
A guard steps into the room and says that time’s up. We squeeze each other’s hands and I sit up as she’s walked away. The minute the heavy doors close, painful sobs ooze from every area of my body.
“Why?” I ask the walls through my tears. “Why me? Why now?”
I glance at my ring finger, where Nana’s silver ring shines. From it, I draw enough strength to stop crying, send her a silent prayer and wait calmly for something to happen next.

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to see who the District Five boy is!
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PostSubject: District 7 Boy   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:58 pm

Name: Amaro Wilford

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 7

Appearance/Picture: Strong with brown hair and green eyes-just like a forest. Somewhat tanned skin. Rough hands, muscular.

History: Was raised by his mother and her sister. He has no idea who his father is and his mother still won't tell him-even though he's eighteen! All he wants to do is to prove that he's a man and the Hunger Games has got to be on of the best ways to that. He has a five year old sister named Seda who lovs him to death that they adopted off the street. But she doesn't know that.

Skills: Strong. Hand to hand combat is as easy as breathing, as well as climbing trees. Can see pretty good in the dark. Good at walking quietly.

Weaknesses: Sunlight is not his friend. He'd much rather be in the cool shade of a forest. He can't hunt, he doesn't like water, he stinks at traps, he falls for pretty faces really easy and he wants to make alliances with everyone.

Personality: Super nice, always thinking of others. When super mad he can really get violent. Perfers and likes being the leader.

Up For Alliances?: He can be a lone ranger really easy, but alliances are simply great. Making friends, even in the Hunger Games, is good. Your Symbol: An ax ingraved on a small pebble which he has attached to a ring. The pebble is smooth and cannot be used as a weapon.
How much are you willing to post 1-10: Whenever I can depending on my situation.
Other: Not a carrer, but could make an alliance with one or not. It all depends.

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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*   Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:23 pm

Name: Lilac Misery

Age: 12 ; just turned 12 before the day of the reaping. Took place of best friend Mackenzi

Gender: girl

District: 11

Appearance/Picture: white/ blonde hair down to waist. She ties it back into a knotlike thing each and every day. She has a light blue eyes and a light purple eye. She's actually very smart in medicines, plants, and how to climb many things. She's about 5 feet, and has very strong, long legs. She's is medium tan and has long fingernails.

History: Shes got the perfect family; A happy mother and father (Momma and Daddy) and 2 older brothers and a baby brother. Their pretty well off. They have the money, the friends, and their pretty well known around town.

Skills: can use a reaper thing (sorry, forgot what it is called at the moment), pretty strong arms, could be pretty good at close combat if she wanted to. Fast, and hides VERY well.

Weaknesses: Doesn't want to kill anything. Faints at thought. Can't stand sight of blood. Very jumpy. Panics easily.

Personality: Loves to talk, sit under stars and enjoy life. Loves animals and her friends. She would die for them. People tell her that 'she paints the sunset' a lot. Creeps out her brothers. She likes to be bragged about. Is pretty sarcastic.

Up For Alliances?: Umm..... She doesn't know. Pretty much alone I guess.

Your Symbol: Stone earrings (studs) with flowers engraved into them.

How much are you willing to post? 1 a week

Other: not a career

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PostSubject: The Reaping of Amaro Wilford   Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:53 pm

“Brother!” Seda comes flying onto my bed.
“Oof.” I sit up and smile, gently pushing her off my lap. “Morning sis.”
She giggles and runs off, calling to Mother and Aunt Corliss that I’m awake. Before eating I change and make my bed so Mother won’t lecture me about it later. Seda is eating Aunt’s hard, herb filled bread and Mother’s pouring her a small cup of watery tea and giving her a small square of cheese. Thankfully, I get the same thing and start walking towards the door, where my dull, well-worn ax and shoes wait.
“You’ll be back in a few hours won’t you?” Mother asks in her worried voice.
“Uh, I am? Why?”
Her eyes widen. “How could you have forgotten? Today is your last reaping.”
The forest is cool and full of wonderful morning shadows. Some of the other men my age and older are around, chopping the trees and planting new ones, burning the leaves or gathering large fallen trees that the Capitol can still use. I join my friend, Keefer, chopping down a dogwood. He’s just a year younger than me and anxious to get the reaping over with.
“I always get this horrible feeling on reaping day. Like my soul is calling ‘you’re next, you’re next’. It’s been that way since I was twelve. It’s kind of like I’m expecting it to happen, you know? Like I’m predicting my own death or something.”
“How do you know you’ll die? If you get picked, I mean.”
“Come on, you know I’m not a carrier. I might last a week at max. What about you?”
“This is my last year. I can’t wait to get it over with. Mother and Aunt and Seda need me. I’m the man of the house.”
“No. I mean, do you think you’d die?”
I pause to think for a minute. I never completely considered getting reaped. And now that I really try to think about it, I’d probably die too. But I’d try to give up a good fight at the very least.
“I’d probably die eventually too. With a fight, of course.”
Only the sound of chopping axes can be heard for a while. It seems that we’ve only been working for a short amount of time when our boss tells us to stop and go home to prepare for the reaping. Seda gives me a huge hug when I step through the door and I can hear Mother pacing in her bedroom. Aunt is putting some old, withered berries in one of our nicest bowls.
“To celebrate that you won’t be picked when we return.”
I give a nod and inwardly think, you don’t know that for sure. We all dress up nice with me wearing my clean green shirt and tan pants, Seda in a worn pink dress, and Mother and Aunt in matching purple, flowered dresses from before I can remember. I hold Seda’s hand on the way there so Mother and Aunt can talk in private. She’s quiet the whole way to the middle of town, which is normally unusual for her, but she knows the meaning of today. When at last we reach the crowd I hand her off to Aunt and find Keefer in the crowd with a few other lumber men. A few moments later, our stunningly pretty mayor goes to the podium and microphone, beginning the yearly speech. I listen intently, remembering why we have today and the Hunger Games all together. Slowly, she steps aside and our district rep comes up. He’s a gruff, imposing man with a suit and tie that look as though they’re going to strangle him any minute.
“Ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased to show you your past victors. Please show them respect.”
I clap politely as they file up on stage one by one. One or two look like morphlings, but I try to ignore them. Keefer keeps tying knots with a small piece of rope in his hands and finally I tell him to stop it and shut up. It was getting seriously annoying. At long last, the real reason for today comes. Our mayor thanks them for what they’ve done for our district and then lets the district rep up again.
“Ladies first.” He says and goes over, picking the paper at the very bottom of the ball. “Arrow Byrd.”
I miss seeing who she is because I have to turn to Keefer again to tell him to shut up. He’s hyperventilating now and I have to actually punch him in the stomach to get him to stop. I don’t have time to glance at the girl because right when I turn around, he’s reading the guy’s name.
“Keefer Adds.”
Beside me, the new tribute gasps and the other guys shove him forward.
When he reaches the stage, the mayor talks. “Thank you everyone. Are there any volunteers for either of them?”
Before I know what I’m doing, I run to the stage and shove Keefer away. “I volunteer.”
His eyes grow huge and I hear Mother and Aunt scream. But the only person I’m looking at is Keefer.
“Not this year man. Tell that voice to shut up.”
He nods solemnly and walks back to the other lumber men. Our district rep steps forward again, listening for any more volunteers. Nothing.
“District 7, I give you you’re tributes!”
Stiff, forced clapping comes from the crowd and we’re ushered away. My eyes search the crowd from Mother and Aunt and Seda. I hope I’ll be able to tell them goodbye.

NOTE: Arrow, read this before you post about Arrow Byrd. We're kinda a team now. Thanks guys! Love you all!
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PostSubject: Nadia Leeson   Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:21 pm

I’m led off the stage and into a building, so blinded by tears I can’t even tell which one it is. I can tell Travis is still in shock and wants to comfort me, but doesn’t quite know how. He’s put in one beautiful plush room and I go into another one. In any other situation I would walk around the room, studying the painting, touching the carpet, rubbing the pillows. But today I sit on the nearest couch and sob with my head in my hands. What about Mother’s new baby? She won’t even know I was picked till Father returns home. I won’t get to say goodbye to her. Suddenly my mind starts going mad, seeing everything I wanted shatter like broken glass. I can’t stand to close my eyes-it brings to much madness and pain.
“Shhhhh.” I shush myself like a mother does to her child. “Shhhhh.”
With nothing else to do, I pace, going from one side of the room to the other and then back again. It’s absolute madness.
“Nadia?” Father rushes in as the guards open the door.
“Father!” I stop pacing and immediately rush into his arms, sobbing,
“Shhhhh.” He rubs my back and holds me. “Shhhhh.”
We sit and cry together for what feels like hours. The tick of a clock is barely audible with my head buried in his chest and I count how many minutes, but then give up. Suddenly, a shriek sounds from outside the door.
“Mother!” I jump up and throw myself against the doors. “Let her in! Let her in!” My fists pound on the heavy wooden doors and I’m sure a splinter or two gets into my hands.
“Alright, alright.” I hear a man say and as I back up, the door swings open and Mother comes running in with wide arms.
“Darling!” We hug and cry and sit down so Mother and Father can make a sandwich of me on the couch.
This time, I don’t even try to count the minutes. Every single tick from the clock is precious. Although it feels like only seconds go by, guards start pounding on the door.
“Come on, come on! Let’s go, let’s go!”
Mother backs out of the hug and smiles a sad smile with teary eyes. “Here, my mother gave this to me when I turned eighteen. But if-”
She lifts her silver, circular locket off her neck and places it around mine. As soon as this act is done she bursts into tears again.
“What’s in it?” I ask, searching for the open able side.
Through her tears, she chokes, “Rose petals. Don’t open it.”
I nod and hug her. After only a few ticks from the clock, the guards barge in.
“Let’s go! All tributes have to leave with the train. Let’s go!”
On guard grabs Father while the other grabs Mother. Mother just goes along, sobbing, while Father fights being dragged along.
“Be gentle with her!” I yell. “She’s pregnant!”
They slam the doors shut as I say the last two words.
Thanks for reading! I hope this'll get it moving again!
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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*   Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:49 pm

bah. Reminded me I needed to lock this. Goodbye example!

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*   

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The Hunger Games *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*
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