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 How to Put Together a Storybook

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PostSubject: How to Put Together a Storybook   Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:58 am

The first thing you have to do is have a plot. Usually it's abook you've been meaning to write, but don't want to write it by yourself. The basic SB format looks like this:

Put the plot of your SB with any underlying details in here

Your Role
This is an optional section, but it helps the people know what they're role is in the SB.

These are rules for the SB. Here are some basic places to talk about:
1. Sex scenes: Allowed?
2. Swearing: Allowed?
3. No godmodding. Godmodding is when someone puts their character profile up and makes a perfect character. Basically the skinny, atletic, pretty, I'm-good-at-anything bit. If you're the host of the SB, you have two options. Kill the character, or tell them to edit their character's profile.
4. characters MUST have a talk with the creator of the SB and the owner of that specific character before killing the character off. If someone wishes to withdraw from the SB, they can have another character kill theirs off.
5. Can the people of the SB have more than one character? This is something I try to avoid having people do, unless they ask me for another charrie (character). It often gets confusing and biased.

These are the basic layouts for profiles:



Appearence: Usually people use a picture and a description, but if no picture is available, just put a description. You can use these websites for pictures, along with any other sites that provide *appropriate* pictures.


Up for Love?: Is your character single?


Now, if you're making and SB about war or superpowers, you may tweak this layout and add things such as weapons, skills, superpowers, and history. To prevent Godmodders, you can put a section about Flaws, and in parenthesis, put required.

Reserved Seats
This is where you put the username and the character name of anyone who wanted a seat ahead of time. You can put a note here, trying to keep the boy/girl ratio even.

So, these are some basic things. You can give a minimum-word limit for posts. 250 is a good starter. What do you do to let people know the statues of your SB? Put things like this:
Title *Not Started/Accepting*: This means that anyone who wants to join your SB can, and they won't miss out on anything, because it hasn't started yet.

Title *Started/Accepting*: This means the SB is already started, but you're still accepting new characters. Anyone can join.

Title *Not Started/Accepting by Invite Only: You have to invite people to be in your SB. You do this through a PM only. People can't ask you or just join on they're own. This is good for people who don't want anyone who always makes grammar mistakes in their posts..

Title *Not Started/Accepting by Permission Only*: People ask you to join, and you can accept or decline.

So, that should cover it! Any questions? Send me a PM!

Note: Fanfictions are nto allowed in the SB forum. If you would like to, find an RPG site or post on eby yourself in Prose.

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How to Put Together a Storybook
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