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 Running With Wolves: Part Four

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PostSubject: Running With Wolves: Part Four   Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:23 pm

The days passed fairly quickly with Jake. We'd work on the bikes and put things together or just talk.

That is, until it happened.

We were sitting in the garage, Jake under the bike, and me digging around in the engine. Jake was in sort of a bad mood, like he was waiting for something that never came. He was being sharp and gave me these weird looks all the time.
"Seriously, Jake, what is your problem?" I sighed, trying to make my tone light. He rolled out from underneath the bike and glared at me with dark brown eyes. "Sarah, what do you feel?" The question had taken me aback. "Pretty pissed that you're being such a moron, why?" I retorted. He chuckled and muttered something under his breath.
"Jake! What the HELL!? Why are you keeping something from me!?" I stood up, my chair falling over behind me, my hands oily and dirty. "You don't tell me ANYTHING, you act like you know everything, and REFUSE to tell me what's up!" I was burning, I could hear blood roaring in my ears and ran toward him. As he was pushed back into the wall, he laughed and folded his arms over his chest. Who did he think he was!? I shook my head and stormed out of the garage. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.
And it did.
As I was pacing back and forth, I felt a wave of heat and anger, and buried my head in my hands. It felt like my insides were being transformed and squished as my hands moved away from my face. I fell over, and blacked out for a second. When I came to , I could see. REALLY see. I stood up...sort of.

**will add more later**

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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PostSubject: Re: Running With Wolves: Part Four   Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:09 am

xD Whoa! She turned into a freaking wolf! I did NOT see that coming...excellent plot-twist, cheez-chama~! You must-post-more! I'm beginning to become hooked...Although the lengths of chapters on here does get a little disconcerting, compared to what I'm used to. I've taken to dividing my chapters into parts...Do you write fanfiction on other sites, cheez-chama~? xD Bwahaha! Cuss words, fun fun fun~ Screw using them in moderation, let loose the dogs of profanity~ Haha, kidding. The spacing is a bit strange, though, as far as dialogue is concerned.

But otherwise...great! Not awesomely awesome, but pretty dang good~!


Jeez, I looked at the clock a couple minutes ago and thought it said "1:43" and I started freaking out...But then I looked again and realized it said "11:43" xD I need to look more closely at things...

Life is like thunder; powerful, confusing, wonderous, loud, inexplainable, sudden, beautiful in ways you can't even begin to describe, and completely unexpected. Death is like lightning; it strikes even the most powerful things, and shoots through the ground to everyone nearby, leaving them with only a painful aftershock.

Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
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Running With Wolves: Part Four
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