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 Thourougly Modern Millie scene

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PostSubject: Thourougly Modern Millie scene   Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:41 am

LOL, this is one of my favorite scenes in the entire show, and I wanted to share it with all of Wonderland!!

Jimmy: Aw, c’mon Millie, you can’t go back to Kansas. You’re an ex-con, remember?
Millie: I can’t stay here! Not after pouring soy sauce all over Dorothy Parker’s dress.
Jimmy: Explain to me again why ---
Millie: (for the umpteenth time) I thought it would clean it! That creepy Mrs. Meers
swears by the stuff.
Jimmy: You’ll be the talk of the town tomorrow.
Millie: Don’t say that!
Jimmy: In a good way. Think of all the people who’d kill to smother Dorothy Parker in
soy sauce. But they can’t for tear of her poison pen.
Millie: That’s what I’m afraid of.
Jimmy: Relax. She’s so plastered, she’ll never remember your name.
Millie: You think? (Jimmy nods yes) Really! What a relief! A scandal could cost me
my job. Mr. Graydon –
Jimmy: Is a stiff. Isn’t he?
Millie: Some would say so, but I see a side of him that few people are lucky enough to
Jimmy: While you’re sitting on his lap?
Millie: (defensive) No!
Jimmy: Has he kissed you yet?
Millie: No.
Jimmy: Does he have a pet name for you?
Millie: Yes!
Jimmy: What?
Millie: John!
Jimmy: John? That’s not very romantic.
Millie: But it’s modern. He calls me John because I’m so efficient: “Johnny –on-thespot.”
I’ll let you in on a little secret: this morning, he came this close to popping the
Jimmy: (concerned) He did?
Millie: “John,” he said, “Don’t you ever leave Sincere Trust Insurance Company!”
Jimmy: Sweet. Maybe you could work it into your vows.
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Thourougly Modern Millie scene
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