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 Please Read! VERY Important!

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PostSubject: Please Read! VERY Important!   Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:42 pm

Hey guys! I'm very happy to inform you that you now have permission to make your very own usergroup! Here are the steps to making one:

1) Send me a PM telling me the name, description, and reason for your group.
2) Send a PM out to a few members telling them to PM me if they're interested in joining your group. Make SURE you tell them what it's about!
3)Once you get at least five people, including yourself, to join, I'll make it a group and assign you as the moderator!

Make sure the group makes sense, and that something like it doesn't already exist!

Some of the later groups might not have colors, and if it gets to that point, I might just take away all colors for the user-run groups.

I look forward to some new exciting groups!

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Please Read! VERY Important!
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