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 The People of Heaven

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PostSubject: The People of Heaven   Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:06 pm

The People of Heaven

Into the sinister alley,
Under rainfall,
Hail and howling wind,
Tearful mother,

Switchblade in the closet,
Hopeless case,
Tattered clothes on the clothes line,

Through the hallways,
Invisible, Inconspicuous alien,
With the rainbow banner,
Sick and perverted,

Head banged on the Porsche window,
Screams heard from the steam-room,
Busy parents too far to hear,

Desolated warehouse,
Fire flickers on the walls,
Smoke wisps in the air,
Coughs and giggles,

Conceived on the corner,
Highway, Byway kids,
Kids of children,

Are these the people of heaven?
Are these really Yours,
Why, oh God,
Do you show me these?

Am I totally confused?
Is this some false vision?
Or was I just wrong?
About everything?

Dear Lord,
Forgive me

Inspired by the song Wish You Well by Thousand Foot Krutch,
What did you think guys? Do the tenses concord?

Jesus loves you Very Happy Really.

And hey, when He looks at you, the last thing He thinks about is Hell. You're not this ugly stain on His wall that needs to be whitewashed Very Happy Otherwise why did He colour the world?

If you ever need a review, feel free to message me.
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PostSubject: Re: The People of Heaven   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:36 pm

No offense Hero, but I don't really get this poem. I imagine things for one or two verses, then you switch the picture. It doesn't rhyme, which is refreshing since lots do, but overall I think it's kind of confusing. And I like the Jesus loves you part at the end too!
Love ya,
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The People of Heaven
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