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 An Interesting Excersise for a Youth Group

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PostSubject: An Interesting Excersise for a Youth Group   Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:33 pm

Alright, in my school we have A2J (Addicted to Jesus), whic is a youth group. I'm really glad in my country we can have public Christian schools and pray IN School in assembly. We pray for our sports and the school and everything to Jesus! I hear it's not like that in America, is that true (That's what a visiting American pastor and many televangelists say)?
But my A2J group seem to be in hibernation, I'm working on that. I want them to be more lively, go out and everything.

ANYWAY, here's a cool exercise that a group can do

In Galatians 5:22-23 are the Fruit of the Spirit, shortly before that are the works of the flesh. Now, throughout the bible multiple sins are mentioned, right? But they can all be categorized. Here's a good list I thought of (with reference to the aforementioned verses), feel free to add:

Sexual Immorality (Fornification, Lust)
Greed & Idolatry
Negative Emotions (Anger, Malice, Jealousy)
Murder & Crime
Self-Harm (Drinking, Drugs, Smoking)

You get a few learners to represent a few of those sins (One for a sin) and the rest of the group is divided to deal with that learner. Here's where you can mix it up. If you don't have enough people, make it one on one debating. Or you can make it two learners in the same sin with different backgrounds? Whatever the case.
Also, since we're writers here, we know that it doesn't help to not know someone's background. So, create an elaborate backstory for the sinner that will have emotions from the group such as sympathy or confusion (Why would God lead him there?) Very Happy

Make variations of the excersise and have fun. Argue from all points. e.g you can have one day where you argue Christian to Christian sinner, Christian to Non-Christian Sinner WHo Wants Christianity deep inside, Christian to CHristian hater sinner... NON-Christian to Sinner, NON-Christian to Christian sinner etc.?

This whole excersise will let you see where you weak-points are in terms of ministering and begs the question, should we respond differently to different sins (All sins are equal before the LORD, does that mean in degree or in handling), and should we respond differently because of a person's backstory?

Hey Cheez, you think we'd be able to do this on the site too?


If you ever need a review, feel free to message me.
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PostSubject: Re: An Interesting Excersise for a Youth Group   Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:52 pm

Okay, this is all a little crazy to me. I can't understand what you are exactly saying. But I do have a question for you. You're not from the U.S? You don't like here? Cause here we Campus Life (at my school at least) but praying at assembles? Nope. We don't do that. I was threatened with administrative detention for sharing the Gospel one time cause she told me to stop e-mailing her (that's how I've told her the first time). Where are you from? It sounds better then the religious set backs of American schools. Can't wait to here from you!
P.S- Don't think I'm weird for signing this 'love'. I just do it to show people that they're loved by me and by God.
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An Interesting Excersise for a Youth Group
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