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 C.C- Christian Camp

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PostSubject: C.C- Christian Camp   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:34 pm

Sunday 3:00- Wednesday 8:00ish
Those were the full hours of my youth camp (including the trip there and back). Well, lets begin at the beinging. We poped a tire on the way up to Ocoee River, Teneessee (I think that how you spell it). We got settled in and did a late service then went out and did a late night game. Next day, first full day there, I did low ropes with my group, the purple team. Go purple! Later, we had lunch and then went swimming in the FREEZING water of the Ocoee River. I was nearly swept away at one point, or at least I thought I would be. Came back, free time, dinner (in the canteena that had nine swings, actually swings, to sit on and eat) then more worship for Jesus and message. Another late night game, then inside to stay up till about midnight then sleep. Tuesday was rappeling (which I did!), tubbing (relazingish and fun), meals, worship to the Lord because we love him, service/message and stay up late talking to each other about problems and worshippping (that was till 10:00). Then to bed, though most girls stayed up doing Truth or Dare and we had smores. Wednesday, last day, high ropes. Alpine Tower, 60 feet in the air, I successfully climbed it Smile. On the way back I tripped over a low rope wire and did a practical body slam. I have cuts on my arm. We left at 3:00pm and poped ANOTHER tire. Same place, different bus. Got back to church late, but in time for message and volleyball. And Monday was actually different. We woke up earlier than usual and did. . . paintball. It was brutal. The adults killed anyone they played and unleashed bombs of fury at us poor youth teens. I was shot in the head, thigh, side and chest. Ask me, I have brusies. One girl got a shot so bad it bled. One boy has a nasty bruise with three layers of clothing over it. Tuesday during service was emotional, but God honoring. But I didn't di what one boy wanted- keep the spirtiual high. Still, I had a great time. PM me for detales if you want them.
Forever for Jesus,
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C.C- Christian Camp
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