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 Cameras by Nikki Swift

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PostSubject: Cameras by Nikki Swift   Sat May 29, 2010 9:28 pm

Close your eyes
Shut your mouth
Get ready for the show
Make up set
Hair tied in a bow
Close your eyes
Ready for the camera's flash

Fans are screaming
Tapes are rolling
It's driving you insane
But it's time to take on fame

The cameras flash
Blind your eyes
This is all wrong
Flooding through your mind
Is this my line?
It's my time to shine

Camera's flash (flash)
Interviews (views)
It's my line (line)
It's my time to shine

Twist my hair
Look divine
Make sure I'm right on time
Paint my toes
But no one really knows
Who I was inside (at one time)

Undercover crew
Get a clue
Its bringing out a new
You you never knew

Fake a date
Fashionably late
Ugh, I did it again
Look my best
Act's a mess
Just ignore the press
(I'm just not used to this!)

Don't look back (back)
Now or never (never)
Fake the rest (rest)
Just get your act together!

Stand straight
Look tall
This isn't what I planned
Play a part
Break his heart
I don't want this anymore
What's in store (in store for me)

Play in movies
Fake a roomie
I'm tired of pretending I'm more
Who was I before?

Memories fading
Was I dating
My mind is a blank
Did we kiss
What I'd miss
Whose diamond ring is this?
I'm losing it (losing it)

I forgot (forgot)
Who am I (who am I)
I can't remember
Who I was before

The cameras flash
Blind your eyes
This is all wrong
Flooding through your mind
Is this my line?
I have forgotten how to shine

Camera's flash (flash)
Interviews (views)
Was this my line (line)
How do I shine?

Just look back
Show you care
I think I'm starting to remember
Who I am
What I was
I now know how to shine~

It's MY time.

This song I wrote in about a few minutes. I was listening to 'I Can't be Tamed' by Miley Cyrus on the radio. It's about a new movie star who is wanting to be famous and tries to fit in, but it pretty much takes over her and she starts behaving badly. In the end, she quits all of it and remembers what she was and what she was aiming for and starts over. Hope you like it.
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Cameras by Nikki Swift
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