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PostSubject: Whispers   Sat May 29, 2010 12:34 pm

Down by the oak tree
A little girl stood
Pretending to dance
As a princess would

A little boy walked by
Looked both left and right
Only to see that little girl
Doing a little twirl

He walked down beside her
And gave her a funny stare
She stopped twirling only to see
That he was a poor boy
With nothing to eat

So she handed him a little cake
And sat down beside an imaginary lake
'This is my world, so pretty and new'
'Won't you join me in my little world too?'

So they played till the sun grew cold
And they imagined on and on and were never told
To stop believing and that they would never grow old
For their love of imagination they would forever hold

One day as they play near a cliff
The twosome were enjoying such mischief
But as the little girl tripped and fell
The little boy gave out a little yell

Their whispers and laughs and still be heard
In their little world that they will never desert
And by that old oak tree where they met
That's were their whispers and secrets were kept

And to anyone who reads this and listens
Their one of the many few
Whose heart is young and glistens
With love for imagination.

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