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 The Left Behind Series

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PostSubject: The Left Behind Series   Tue May 18, 2010 1:03 pm

The Left Behind Series are by Jerry B. Jenkins and Dr. Time LaHaye. These books are Christain fiction and are about the end times and the Rapture and The Glorious Appearing ( when Jesus returns) There are 15 books in the whole series including:
1.Left Behind
2.Tribulation Force
4.Soul Harvest
7.The Indwelling
8.The Mark
10.The Remnant
11.Armageddon (my favorite)
12. Glorious Appearing
Extras: When and How the Antichrist Came to be
1.The Rising
2.The Regime
3.The Rapture

I read all of them (except the Extras) in about a month or so. They each have about 400 pages. Follow me through the previews I'll give you of each of them. Enjoy! ~Nikki

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The Left Behind Series
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