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 How Could I Not Love You?

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PostSubject: How Could I Not Love You?   Sun May 16, 2010 3:40 pm

How Could I Not Love You

Time itself is a mystery
How it moves fast one moment
And slow another
But yet we know to much
But yet we know to little.

Love is a mystery
How we feel deep compassion
And the next moment
We feel destruction
As if this vortex of desire
Never ends.

How could I not love you?
You're my mystery of all things
My shield,
Not only a path for life
But you're as sharp as my knife's blade.

But then again,
How could I not love you?
You're the blood that runs through my veins
The breath I breath
My pride shall reign
With you by my side.

This one question I ask
How can I not love you?
Together we're untouchable,
Burning brighter than the sun
And when you're gone,
I come undone.

If I lose your face,
I collapse and fall to the earth
My heaven disappears
Like I am lost in space
You were my anything
And everything.

How could I have not have loved you enough?
Now you are gone
When you left you took my spirit
You never loved me all along
I was a fool.
You will never come back for me. ~Nikki

*tears fall on paper*
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How Could I Not Love You?
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