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 Talk to Anything

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PostSubject: Talk to Anything   Sun May 16, 2010 3:08 pm

Talk to Anything
Sittin' on the lonely and dark road
Nothin' to hold
Nothin' to touch
But the cold.

The icy rain hits your face
Stings your lips
At a slow and steady pace
As you stare into space.

Not a soul in sight
Not the tiniest bit of light
The darkness closes in on you
But there is someone watchin' over you.

Talk to the wind,
Talk to the sky,
Talk to the Man with the reason why,
Because He put you here for now.

A bright light flashes above you
The thunder roars
A great fire rises
Somewhere in the storm.

Talk to the trees,
Talk to the deer,
Talk to the Man that put you here,
Because your not alone.

You see a little girl
Walkin' with her Mama and Daddy
They turn and see your face
A smile appears on that little girl's face.

They hand you a Bible
They ask you to pray
Give you a blanket
And let you stay with them for a day.

Talk to the air,
Lift up a prayer
To the Man that put to here,

Because you prayed to Him above,
Gave that Man love,
He gave you a present in return,
A family with a love for you. ~Nikki

(dedicated to all the orphans who found families and future families Smile )
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Talk to Anything
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