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 The Marines Bride

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PostSubject: The Marines Bride   Sun May 16, 2010 2:38 pm

The Marines Bride
A veil as white as snow draped over her face
A bouquet of white roses
Her dress lined with the finest lace
A smile as beautiful as the stars.

She walked down the aisle with charm and grace
The look changed on her face
From a beautiful white gown to a black dress
Tears welled up in her crystal blue eyes.

She saw the soldiers from the military
All lined up saluting
She heard the drums from the military band
Those white flowers fell from her hand.

She fell to her knees
Hoping this was just a dream
She could feel all the emptiness inside
It was a different kind of pain
The kind that never goes away.

She fell back to her knees
In front of his tombstone
Placed the torn and blood stained flag down
She did so without a single sound.

She took out his final letter to her
She started singing his favorite song in a whisper
In her sweetest voice
She took out her knife.

'This is crazy I know'
'But I loved you so'
And with that said
She bowed her head

Right then and there
A tear of happiness arose
It touched the tip of her nose
Something he always used to do.

Without giving a second thought
She raised the knife
And ended her life
There lay her lifeless body next to his
If only life were as simple as one little kiss. ~Nikki

(Dedicated to all of those fallen soldiers)

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PostSubject: Oooo nice   Mon May 17, 2010 6:20 am

Ooooo I love this one~! My favorite kind of depressing poetry~! Awesome job, Nikki-chan!! Razz I luv this lil' face here, don't mind me...

The tragic tale of two lovers...and of course the marine gets killed off, 'cause it'd be all icky and happy if he didn't. The suicide was a surprising twist, though. I definitely didn't see that coming. Great job~!

~I love this little twirly thing too~

Life is like thunder; powerful, confusing, wonderous, loud, inexplainable, sudden, beautiful in ways you can't even begin to describe, and completely unexpected. Death is like lightning; it strikes even the most powerful things, and shoots through the ground to everyone nearby, leaving them with only a painful aftershock.

Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
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The Marines Bride
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