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 Maybe By: Cera West

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PostSubject: Maybe By: Cera West   Wed May 05, 2010 6:19 pm

Icould! I could! Icould be falling love
but yet to see the white dove
so i don't know what to think now
i dont even see how

Visions of him blur my mind
but fate is yet to be defined
right now my heart is ripped in two
Do i need more than stiches and glue?

the things i see i desire
but some times impire
i can not be with him that i know
will my love for him ever go?

I will never cry
my eye s have grown dry
will i ever see
What we could be

As my heart blooms agian
i long to see my special friend
love,fate... Which one will save me
And set my love free?
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Maybe By: Cera West
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