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 Not this weekend, the weekend before

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PostSubject: Not this weekend, the weekend before   Sun May 02, 2010 4:23 pm

Okay, we did this awesome thing at my church last weekend. It was for threeish days. We came to the church at 6 pm Friday (when the thing, Wake Up Weekend, began) and it ended Sunday at elevanish (I think). Friday we heard this awesome sermon by this guy named Steve from Tenesse and I'm not sure if I commeted my life to Jesus for the first time or if it was recommitment, but I did something like that. I'm serious. I was crying and telling Jesus that I wanted to be His, His for eternity and to take away my doubt and how much I loved Him. Later I asked for forgiviness. We went to the house I and nine other girls were staying at, the West house (the peoples last name) and I play with the cute little dog, Snickers, and stayed up till about 1:00- 1:30 am (not sure the exact time). Saturday we heard twoish sermons, had lunch at the church and went out for an hour and a half to share our faith. How? With an unsharpened, number two, wooden pencil. The questions: If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven? and What would you say to Jesus to let you into Heaven? Guess how many people we shared the gospel with? One hundred and two. 102!!!!!!!! With a pencil! It was for this game called Bigger or Better. We were supossed to get something bigger or better than the pencil. Here's what the West house girls did:
Stop 1: Go to Chickfula and trade it. There I tried to talk to a man, but he was about to finish his coffee and leave. We got three stuffed cows. For a PENCIL. One of the youth pastors sons worked there.
Stop 2: Walmart. A few girls talked to a Christian and an Athest (don't know how to spell that). We wanted to go over the intercome thing. They wouldn't let us. Sad
Stop 3: The neighborhood that one of the gilrs lived in. I tried to talk to one guy, he said he was busy. Well, me and a nother girl did. Some girls got a videogame. I went along with some other girls and first got a webkinz (pink sparkly dragon, we asked the two questions too) then got a lighting up, pink flamingo with an aloha sign! We asked the two questions again. One or two houses didn't answer (for my group, the other girls might have had some no shows either).
Stop 4: About half of us went back to the church, the other half went and got a baseball bat with a name, though unsighed and a red and gold Canadian bear.
What other groups got:
An old Coke machine that had a sticker that said 45 cents on it. (got to keep it!)
A wood pannaled phone booth about as long as a van (maybe shorter) with an old black phone that you cranked inside (had to be returned to owner).
A Snoopy phone
A signed baseball
Basketball cards
A tent
A wooden bear clinging to a fake tree trunk that said goodbye on one side
Something that played records
Old speakers
Possibly an older TV
A mattress
$180 bowling ball from Oasis Bowling
Dinner for 2 at Provinos
Other stuff IO forgot about
Gift card (I think)
Other stuff that I forgot.

Cool right? Sunday we had a group sermon (with kids who hadn't gone to Wake Up Weekend and it wasn't by Steve). Well, that was last weekend. Cool, right? Very Happy Razz
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Not this weekend, the weekend before
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